Jimmy Baker & The Cosmos - Chemistry

Think Michel Gondry’s Around The World video for Daft Punk (the shoulders thing) meets Sunglasses At Night (the Tiga & Zyntherius version). Johann Sebastian Bass have had a similar but more effective idea recently that also involved UV light.

All these names should give you an idea what this sounds like. Which is: overall entertaining but not super innovative, with a weak chorus and a better verse that makes up for it.

Parov Stelar - The Sun (feat. Graham Candy)

Why isn’t this track skyrocketing the charts and on heavy airplay rotation? It suits all the trends in radio suitable electronic music which is ubiquitous at the moment. And the lyrics perfectly suit the summer. What’s with the mediocre success?

Okmalumkoolkat - iJusi

The fascination with Okmalumkoolkat which I really discovered at Popfest keeps on - so it was not due to alcohol consumption. This video is partly layered with a red filter. I associate everything red with blood, but hey, that’s just me. There’s nice B/W artwork as well in this video.

One crappy cellphone picture of CATASTROPHE & CURE at Heuer Karlsplatz, Vienna, 22 August 2014
Analogue visuals from overhead projectors and overpriced spritzers go well with Catastrophe & Cure acoustic sets. 

One crappy cellphone picture of CATASTROPHE & CURE at Heuer Karlsplatz, Vienna, 22 August 2014

Analogue visuals from overhead projectors and overpriced spritzers go well with Catastrophe & Cure acoustic sets. 

5/8erl in Ehr’n - Der totale Sommerhit
from Yes We Does
out on 10 October on Viennese Soulfood Records

What good is a total summer hit when there is no summer? How can we live by the sun and love by the moon when there is no sun? Ugh. Seriously, 5/8erl, is coordinating your releases with the actual weather conditions too much to ask for??

Nazar ft. Falco - Zwischen Zeit und Raum (from Camouflage, out today)

Here’s what I don’t like about this song and this video: Those ridiculous, ass-biting, unhealthy-looking denim hot pants. Those are shit.

Everything else is brilliant.

Alt-J - Hunger Of The Pine (MOTSA Re-Groove)

This song, with its Miley Cyrus sample (“I’m the female rebel”). It’s so good. MOTSA makes it more danceable and, dare I say it?, even better.

Loopee - State of Mind

Loopee, the newest Seayou signing, is from the UK and will release an EP later this fall. He makes music that makes hanging up laundry feel more exciting that it is.

Ghost Capsules - Army Of My Head

Is it just me or has the most recent Ghost Capsules release sort of never really made it to a certain level of public awareness? Granted, it may not be as poptastic as the self-titled debut, but Army Of My Head is a nice and mellow piece of pop music that deserves your attention.


Jooo! Viech start into their performance with a cry of joy. Watch out for these young men with their massive voices and beards at Popfest Wien tomorrow! #KarlsGarten #PopfestWien #Viech

Viech - Steuermann (They Shoot Music Karlsgarten Session)

We never manage to see all the acts we’re planning to see at any given Popfest, and this year was especially bad. The fear of having missed out is confirmed and eased simultaneously with this They Shoot Music session.

Skero - Gfrei Di

Growing up in Vienna, one is usally a bit grumpy - it lies in the naturel of the people in this area. So it seems a bit hard for me just to follow the slogan of the song, just to be happy. On the otherhand playing Cowboy and Indian in a marvolous park and throwing pineapples into Skeros face might do the trick.

Sweet Sweet Moon - Woppy (Acoustic for In Bed With at Altonale Popnacht 2014)

We haven’t heard from our favourite indie posterboy in such a long time. To bridge the time until new music surfaces, here is another acoustic rendition of Woppy.

Dust Covered Carpet - Grey Formations
from Pale Noise
out on 5 September on Siluh Records

Things have changed for Dust Covered Carpet since their last release - they’ve shrunk from a 6-piece to a 4-piece band, they’ve switched from a small indie label to a bigger indie label and the ubiquitous synths have also found their way into the DCC sound. But at the core, it’s business as usual; in the case of this band, that means angsty, emotional business with lots of pathos and weltschmerz.

*a basement in bloom - Red Light

Very Bernhard-Fleischmanny. The video is great as well. I’ve never actually seen an *a basement in bloom show, and I do not care for the creative usage of special characters, but this band is definitely on my Waves Vienna watchlist.

*a basement in bloom are playing at Waves Vienna on Thursday, 2 October 2014. Tickets available here.

The Very Pleasure - Sordid Pleasures (from Kongress der Unvernunft, out September 5)

Hard facts: Another Naked Lunch side project, this time it’s Oliver Welter making music with Fritz Ostermayer. But since that is very obvious, since you can clearly hear their distinctive style on the song, here’s a useless anecdote for you: I once tried playing Mikado with Mikados (the chocolate sticks). It was a really bad idea because your hands get sweaty and the chocolate melts. You can play Mikado for the price of Mikdos though, that works.