Neodisco - Raven unter Palmen
from the Kreativ verbraucht EP
out now on Columbia / Sony Music

Neodisco are back with a free EP to bridge the time until their next album, and it seems they are moving away from the Deichkind / Kraftklub sounds and coming closer to the style of their producer’s main act HVOB.

Cute how the Alt-Erlaa resident nerdy main protagonist’s belly is quite obviously a cushion stuffed into his shirt. 

Download the EP for free here.

Pilot Jr. - South

Earlier this year, we were interviewed for Ö1 Campus about the music scene in Austria and its relationship to the internet, and like so many other people who are involved with music theoretically, the person who interviewed us is also actively making music as a part of Pilot Jr.

Unlike many other people who should probably stick to the theoretical part, Pilot Jr. is actually a promising project worth keeping on your radar.

Nowhere Train - 9 To 5

Nowhere Train are asking for your help: the band want video footage of your working day to feature in their new music video. You’ve got until the end of April to participate. Find all details here.

Nowhere Train are celebrating their five year anniversary on 12 May live at Stadtsaal Wien.

Adna - Night

One of these Berlin-based Nordic people, Adna makes atmospheric piano-based music for cold nights.

Country: Sweden
Adna is playing at Spot Festival 2014 in Aarhus (DK) on 2 May.

Fuzzman & The Singin Rebels - Dr. Feelgood oder Mich fickt mein System
out on April 11 via Lotterlabel

Ach hab mich gern,
nein ich brauche eure Liebe nicht,
und schon gar kein System,
komm schiebt’s euch irgendwo hin

I don’t know if it’s the real spring outside or the spring in the video or the colourful suits or the delight of there being fuzzy objects in a Fuzzman video or maybe just the wonderful, wonderful melody… but I just spent two hours reading about failed revolutions in the Middle East and I don’t feel terrible about the state of the world.

The Boys You Know - The Cult
from Purple Lips
out on 9 May on Wohnzimmer Records

People that are sweating (from doing sports) don’t look this good very often. This very aesthetic slow motion video even manages to distract me from the mumbled singing. The mix with the prominent guitars and the comparatively quiet voice doesn’t make understanding the lyrics any easier. No idea what the song is about, really, but it’s definitely slacker cool. The producer? Wolfgang Möstl, of course.

Clara Luzia - Sinnerman

Hnnng, somehow this got lost in our drafts for months; how could we have forgotten about it! Clara Luzia’s Sinnerman is on the soundtrack of Das finstere Tal, just like the equally moody How Dare You by Steaming Satellites. I still haven’t seen it, but with these two tracks it must be as great as everyone says.

Sharks In Space #2

Wenn Tonträgerfetischisierung, dann so. Und wenn analoge Welt, dann bitte auch gerne so, mit Liebe zu Haptik, Optik und zum Detail:

Letztens war Ausgabe #2 von Sharks in Space, dem (noch Liebelei-)Projekt eines Bekannten, in meinem Briefkasten. Darin enthalten: Alben von den heimischen Bands Mother’s Cake und Loving.The.Alien und neben den beiden mit Transparentpapier (mit aufgedruckten Interviews) verpackten CDs auch cute Gimmicks wie Popping Candy.

Bin ja grundsätzlich eher Team Digital. Was aber der eigene Tunnelblick, die mediale Echo Chamber und Musikempfehlungsalgorithmen, die auf vergangenem Hörverhalten basieren, nicht können, nämlich einem Musik ganz abseits der eigenen Komfortzone näher zu bringen, kann ja vielleicht dieses Projekt. (Und wenn es nur wegen der Verpackung ist, die vorerst einen großen Vorsprung gegenüber den Inhalten hat.) 

Girls Rock Camp 2014 (17. bis 23. August 2014)
Das Girls Rock Camp widmet sich heuer zum vierten Mal im Alten Schlachthof Hollabrunn (NÖ) der musikalischen Förderung junger Frauen zwischen 14 und 21 Jahren.
Das vollständige Programm findet ihr auf der Website:
Ebendort könnt ihr euch auch noch bis 17. Mai anmelden.

Girls Rock Camp 2014 (17. bis 23. August 2014)

Das Girls Rock Camp widmet sich heuer zum vierten Mal im Alten Schlachthof Hollabrunn (NÖ) der musikalischen Förderung junger Frauen zwischen 14 und 21 Jahren.

Das vollständige Programm findet ihr auf der Website:

Ebendort könnt ihr euch auch noch bis 17. Mai anmelden.

Mile Me Deaf - Shiver
in GIFs

Mile Me Deaf return to their favourite decade, the 90s, for the music video to Shiver, the lead single of their upcuming album Holography, though it is not clear whether they got there by joining Doctor Who on a trip in the T.A.R.D.I.S. or whether it was a different kind of trip altogether.

Two crappy cellphone pictures of BIRD OF THE YEAR and STEFAN WENINGER IS GOD at Fluc Vienna, 3 April 2014

It’s hard to always keep up with all those Vienna-Graz connection bands. So I was indeed quite surprised when the guitarist/singer of Robotra’s support band that evening turned out to be Baumi2, who also plays in Jesus Christ Super Distortion and used to be one third of Robotra, and who also is one half of Stefan Weninger is God where the other half conveniently is Robotra’s drummer/singer, which led to a surprise one-song performance as grand finale. I might still not know who the girl from BOTY is, but I’ve already developed a slight crush, seeing her on the drums in a dress.

Filou - Wien

Huh. Amusement park/circus nostalgia seems to be the new hot thing in music videos.

M185 - Soon
from Everything Is Up
out on 22 May on Siluh Records

Finally something new from M185! While their last album was the perfect soundtrack for sweating in venues with too many people and terrible ventilation, their new single Soon, with its polyphonic falsetto singing, is more like a soundtrack for sweating on a roadtrip to your summer vacation destination in a car with your best friends and no air conditioning.

Free download here.

Wandl - Vienna

I guess you all know that on Soundcloud, as on any other online music distribution platform, you can tag your songs with whatever categories you feel like they might belong to. Now apparently Wandl decided to tag his latest piece, which is also available as free download, with “>3”, which leaves me utterly confused. Is it supposed to be the opposite of the well-known “<3”? Is it an evil emoji? Who or what is bigger than three?

Mile Me Deaf - Shiver 
from Holography
out May 2nd via Siluh Records

Mile Me Deaf are such an active band that saying “Mile Me Deaf are back!” feels stupid. Anyway, they’re back with a new album! And here’s the first song off it! Download it for free!

Wolfgang Möstl has written a guided tour and thought of a cover art character for every song on this record. I appreciate that a lot because I am a very lazy music journalist and now I can just post a screenshot instead of painfully thinking of words. They’re also amusing.