Heart Formed Brain - You

The electronic music trend has definitely reached the bottom of the local music scene pyramid. All those indie bands trying to make it have been replaced by a lot of electronic acts and synthie bands trying to make it. Here is one of the nicer examples.

M185 - Soon

Now that their label has a Berlin office, it seems only logical to shoot the new M185 video mostly in that city. Though our dear Westbahnhof also appears for a split second.

M185 are celebrating the release of their new album Everything Is Up on 21 May at Nacktflug at Flex. Tickets are 10-12 EUR.

Poolbar mit Pratersauna Teaservideo

An drei Tagen Anfang Mai findet heuer zum fünften Mal der Wien-Ableger des poolbar-Festivals in Feldkirch statt. In der Pratersauna geben sich tanzbare Acts mit intellektuellem Anspruch die Ehre, die von einem Rahmenprogramm begleitet werden, das u.a. ein FM4 Sunny Side Up DJ-Set und einen Poetry Slam beinhaltet. 

Poolbar mit Pratersauna findet von 8. bis 10. Mai in der Wiener Pratersauna statt. Als Headliner sind Hercules And Love Affair, Gerard und Guy Gerber bestätigt. Tickets (12-22 EUR) hier.

Giantree - Densest Blacks

Neon lights and lyrics that, with grand gestures and an air of philosophical wisdom, address nothing and no one in particular but talk about all of love and life in general, have been two of Giantree’s favourite stylistic devices since the band surfaced and it appears that nothing has changed.

Fesch - Other Side Of Love

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you make an original music video entirely without clichés (I’m looking at you, forests, lens flare and railway tracks power users) that you can enjoy watching even in case you aren’t into schlager indie or don’t know the protagonists personally.

WIN: 2x2 Tickets für JOAN AS POLICE WOMAN, 2.5., Ottakringer Brauerei


Wir hoffen, ihr habt alle die Feiertage schön brav zu Hause verbracht und euch die Massen an Ostereiern, Schokoladehasen und Pinzen schmecken lassen. Und während ihr noch die ganzen Reste von Mama in Tupperware habt packen lassen, haben wir uns schon etwas besonderes für eure Unterhaltung zurück in Wien überlegt und möchten eure leeren Nester nachträglich mit Tickets für die wunderbare Joan as Police Woman füllen.

Joan as Police Woman (USA)
Helmut (DE)

Unter allen, die uns bis 29.04. eine Mail an walzerkoenige(at)gmail(dot)com oder eine Tumblr-Nachricht schicken, verlosen wir 2x2 Karten für die einzige Österreich-Show von Joan as Police Woman am 2.5. in der Ottakringer Brauerei.

Viel Glück!

Farewell Dear Ghost - Wake Up

It’s a fine line between a signature style and creative deadlock, and I wish these music videos had a little more variety to them instead of always featuring the same safe bets like night shots and stage smoke. Farewell Dear Ghost are too good to be a one-trick pony.

Ice Cream Cathedral - The Swans

As a big fan of all things space and sci-fi, I can’t help but love this video and this band who, according to their PR agency, are a “space pop trio”.

Country: Denmark
Ice Cream Cathedral are playing at Spot Festival in Aarhus (DK) from 2-3 May.

Alien Hand Syndrome - Slumber
from Slumber

Hardly anyone has ever copied Conor Oberst’s emotionally broken Bright Eyes voice quite as impressively as Alien Hand Syndrome. 

Ja, Panik - Chain Gang
in GIFs

Just like “Get Lucky”, except more Nile Rodgers, less Pharrell, more out of space, less dancefloor. I love when sound and vision go together so well.

Neodisco - Raven unter Palmen
from the Kreativ verbraucht EP
out now on Columbia / Sony Music

Neodisco are back with a free EP to bridge the time until their next album, and it seems they are moving away from the Deichkind / Kraftklub sounds and coming closer to the style of their producer’s main act HVOB.

Cute how the Alt-Erlaa resident nerdy main protagonist’s belly is quite obviously a cushion stuffed into his shirt. 

Download the EP for free here.

Pilot Jr. - South

Earlier this year, we were interviewed for Ö1 Campus about the music scene in Austria and its relationship to the internet, and like so many other people who are involved with music theoretically, the person who interviewed us is also actively making music as a part of Pilot Jr.

Unlike many other people who should probably stick to the theoretical part, Pilot Jr. is actually a promising project worth keeping on your radar.

Nowhere Train - 9 To 5

Nowhere Train are asking for your help: the band want video footage of your working day to feature in their new music video. You’ve got until the end of April to participate. Find all details here.

Nowhere Train are celebrating their five year anniversary on 12 May live at Stadtsaal Wien.

Adna - Night

One of these Berlin-based Nordic people, Adna makes atmospheric piano-based music for cold nights.

Country: Sweden
Adna is playing at Spot Festival 2014 in Aarhus (DK) on 2 May.

Fuzzman & The Singin Rebels - Dr. Feelgood oder Mich fickt mein System
out on April 11 via Lotterlabel

Ach hab mich gern,
nein ich brauche eure Liebe nicht,
und schon gar kein System,
komm schiebt’s euch irgendwo hin

I don’t know if it’s the real spring outside or the spring in the video or the colourful suits or the delight of there being fuzzy objects in a Fuzzman video or maybe just the wonderful, wonderful melody… but I just spent two hours reading about failed revolutions in the Middle East and I don’t feel terrible about the state of the world.