Alt-J - Hunger Of The Pine (MOTSA Re-Groove)

This song, with its Miley Cyrus sample (“I’m the female rebel”). It’s so good. MOTSA makes it more danceable and, dare I say it?, even better.

Loopee - State of Mind

Loopee, the newest Seayou signing, is from the UK and will release an EP later this fall. He makes music that makes hanging up laundry feel more exciting that it is.

Ghost Capsules - Army Of My Head

Is it just me or has the most recent Ghost Capsules release sort of never really made it to a certain level of public awareness? Granted, it may not be as poptastic as the self-titled debut, but Army Of My Head is a nice and mellow piece of pop music that deserves your attention.


Jooo! Viech start into their performance with a cry of joy. Watch out for these young men with their massive voices and beards at Popfest Wien tomorrow! #KarlsGarten #PopfestWien #Viech

Viech - Steuermann (They Shoot Music Karlsgarten Session)

We never manage to see all the acts we’re planning to see at any given Popfest, and this year was especially bad. The fear of having missed out is confirmed and eased simultaneously with this They Shoot Music session.

Skero - Gfrei Di

Growing up in Vienna, one is usally a bit grumpy - it lies in the naturel of the people in this area. So it seems a bit hard for me just to follow the slogan of the song, just to be happy. On the otherhand playing Cowboy and Indian in a marvolous park and throwing pineapples into Skeros face might do the trick.

Sweet Sweet Moon - Woppy (Acoustic for In Bed With at Altonale Popnacht 2014)

We haven’t heard from our favourite indie posterboy in such a long time. To bridge the time until new music surfaces, here is another acoustic rendition of Woppy.

Dust Covered Carpet - Grey Formations
from Pale Noise
out on 5 September on Siluh Records

Things have changed for Dust Covered Carpet since their last release - they’ve shrunk from a 6-piece to a 4-piece band, they’ve switched from a small indie label to a bigger indie label and the ubiquitous synths have also found their way into the DCC sound. But at the core, it’s business as usual; in the case of this band, that means angsty, emotional business with lots of pathos and weltschmerz.

*a basement in bloom - Red Light

Very Bernhard-Fleischmanny. The video is great as well. I’ve never actually seen an *a basement in bloom show, and I do not care for the creative usage of special characters, but this band is definitely on my Waves Vienna watchlist.

*a basement in bloom are playing at Waves Vienna on Thursday, 2 October 2014. Tickets available here.

The Very Pleasure - Sordid Pleasures (from Kongress der Unvernunft, out September 5)

Hard facts: Another Naked Lunch side project, this time it’s Oliver Welter making music with Fritz Ostermayer. But since that is very obvious, since you can clearly hear their distinctive style on the song, here’s a useless anecdote for you: I once tried playing Mikado with Mikados (the chocolate sticks). It was a really bad idea because your hands get sweaty and the chocolate melts. You can play Mikado for the price of Mikdos though, that works.

Night Sports - Youthquake

In every (two) promo article about Night Sports (the more googleable brain behind this is Caspar Bock) I’ve read, Ace of Base gets namedropped.

This is a) a good thing, b) made for a reason.

Country of Origin: Denmark

GC - Bissl Wos

GC NU? Ja, ich hab ewig gebraucht, bis ich den Albumtitel verstanden habe. Weil mir der Titel komisch vorgekommen ist, hab ich auch ewig die Mail im Posteingang verrotten lassen zwischen dem ganzen anderen bestenfalls mittelmäßigen Zeug, das dort so großteils eintrudelt. Dabei ist das hier mindestens überdurchschnittlich!

Feinfühlige Hip Hop Fans, bitte kurz weghören, wenn ich jetzt Limit von Deichkind, Marsimoto und Lissabon von Gerard in einen Topf hau, GC dazupacke und sag, dass die Kombination aus kalten, harten elektronischen Beats und Hip Hop mir als Hörerin großen Spaß macht.

Polkov - Kamaro’s Song

I hated this when i first saw it. Absolutely, ragingly hated it. I watched it again and it turns out I only hate the first sequence of the music video with that fucking “flirty, silly, mediterranean, twee shenanigans”-vibe. And I generally love the whole flirty, silly, mediterranean, twee shenanigans”-vibe, I do, just not in this instance. The rest of the video is actually OK. 

And if you go to another tab and completely ignore the video: The song is really nice. Polkov express that “flirty, silly, mediterranean, twee shenanigans”-vibe much better aurally.

Dinner - Going Out (from OUI!, out in September on Red Eye Transit Records)

Dinner is still releasing songs that don’t make googling him easier, he’s still making great, spectacularly weird music, he still has impeccable dance moves, he still has somebody with an Anubis mask in his music videos. OK, the last bit is a new thing (although I’d personally love it, if it became a regular thing). He’s still not coming to Austria in the near future, but we don’t want to deny you this treasure.

Country of Origin: Denmark

I-Wolf & the Chainreactions - Blazing Fires

We told you that amusement parks were a thing.

The Pharmacy - Dig Your Grave

The Pharmacy have recently ended their European tour and I hope you have enjoyed it. I haven’t. Their travel plans and my travel plans were unfortunately completely incompatible and I was very angry about it. How dare a band not check if their tour conflicts with my schedule? How. Dare. They.

Then I listened to the entirety of Stoned & Alone and was fine again.

Country of Origin: USA