Ken Hayakawa - Toys Like Us

I went inline skating on the Donauinsel once; there’s something about sports and sunshine and endorphines that makes it as great as it seems in this video.

Joan As Police Woman - Holy City

Sometimes you ignore things, no matter how often they’re mentioned in the media you consume, simply because something about the press picture annoys you or some keyword puts you off. 

Sometimes this turns out to be terribly wrong. How could I not have listened to Joan As Police Woman before when I am a huge fan of Jamie Lidell 2005-2008?

Country: USA
Joan As Police Woman is playing at Ottakringer Brauerei in Vienna on 2 May.

Sleep Sleep - Take The Money And Run

Yes. I’m here for all of this. These are my favourite parts of the Pet Shop Boys and the parts I do not hate about Depeche Mode mixed together, plus something else I cannot quite put my finger on.

Bulbul - Fire 
from Hirn Fein Hacken, out on March 28 via Rock Is Hell/Exile on Mainstream

I don’t know, you guys. This is supposed to be super avant garde-y and weird and shit, which usually translates to “This needs ten listens before you can appreciate it” but I think that Fire, the first release from Bulbuls first full-length album in six years, is pretty straight forward råsk’n’roll musis.

Ja, Panik | DMD KIU LIDT (x)

I don’t know about you, but I personally think this trailer is terribly full of clichés. Come on, railroad tracks! Walking in the woods! Thoughtful smoking!

However, we hear the film is basically about former band member Thomas Schleicher, so that should be interesting. Artsy and interesting.

DMD KIU LIDT @ Poolinale 2014: 28 March, 6PM and 29 March, 8.30PM at Top Kino in Vienna

MØ - Don’t Wanna Dance

We saw MØ (“mö”) in Copenhagen last summer and it was great. OK, it was just one song and then we had to rush to catch a train, but that one song was fantastic. Can’t wait to see her play a full show. Until then, I’m going to practice my hair braiding skills in hopes of becoming as cool as her.

Country: Denmark
MØ will be playing a show at Vienna’s Fluc on 30 April.

Goldsoundz - Relations (Album Teaser)
out in March on KIM

Skipping through the upcoming Goldsoundz 12” with a dj-ing dog. Not that we expected anything less hilariously random from them. 

Goldsoundz are presenting their first LP in Vienna at the Flex on March 26 and in Graz at the Postgarage on April 2.

New Native - Twisting

Wow, how many record labels can one single act have? Four, apparently, in the case of New Native, an indie emo punk band that appeared on the radar rather suddenly and has been taking steps very professionally ever since.

Free download via the Goddamn Records Bandcamp.

The Beth Edges - Pure Dynamite
in GIFs

The Beth Edges are abducted by a femme fatale with a gun who is also a seductive dancer.

Alameda - Little Lives

The thing is, if you’re called Alameda and you’re from Portland, Oregon and you do indie-folk… you’re gonna get compared to Elliott Smith and you’re gonna fall short because you’re not Elliott Smith.

That said, I do like this. It’s got a cello and it’s some of the least offensively inoffensive indie-folk I’ve heard in a while (and if you know this blog, you know that this is as close to praise as we get when it comes to indie-folk).

Country: USA
Alameda are on tour in Austria from March 8 to March 21 with stops in 
Feldbach, Klagenfurt, Graz, Vienna, Linz, Innsbruck, Klagenfurt and Weyer.

Texta ft. Blumentopf - Alt

Happy 3rd Birthday to us!

Garish - Ganz Paris
in GIFs

Sind ja hier eigentlich eher Team Katzen (wie es sich für Internetsüchtige gehört), aber wenn Garish und ihr Regisseur Christoph Kuschnig süße Hunde durch Paris schicken, finden wir das auch toll. Sehr sogar.

How Dare You? / Steaming Satellites / The Mustache Mozart Affaire


Song from the most epic scene of the movie.

Steaming Satellites - How Dare You?

As featured in Andreas Prochaska’s “Alpenwestern” Das finstere Tal.

I Am Oak - Reverence For Fallen Trees (The Black Atlantic Cover)

Well this makes total sense. My two favourite Dutch bands The Black Atlantic (from Groningen) and I Am Oak (from Utrecht) released a split EP recently and I am in heaven. 

When you listen to songs by these bands, you can feel and smell and hear the ocean, the constant rain, the North, the canals in the Dutch towns, much like I am convinced I can hear the Neusiedler See in Garish songs.

Country: Netherlands

Aber das Leben lebt - Whiteout 
from Figures, out on March 21 via Trost Records

We’ve had this one in our drafts for ages. Firstly because we didn’t want to post it months ahead of the release and secondly because it gave me time to figure out who the singer’s voice reminded me of. I still haven’t. A sadder, older Damien Jurado? Michael J. Sheehy? Willard Grant Conspiracy’s Robert Fisher?

Something like that. I.e. beautiful.