Filou - Komisch

I feel you, Filou, I feel you. I’m not a morning person either.

Raf Camora - 5 Haus

Thanks to this listicle, I came across Raf Camora’s ode to Vienna’s 15th district. Just like him, I grew up in Rudolfscrime and have spent a considerable amount of time in the Dadlerpark and eating Pizzeria Mafiosi pizzas before the pre-gentrification residents moved there. (It’s much more fun to live here now.)

Johann Sebastian Bass - Voodoo

Johann Sebastian Bass and a bunch of other men (from 5/8erl in Ehr’n, M185, Laminat, Russkaja and many more I’m sure) in tanktops sitting on chairs and crying. To someone like me who does not cry in public, this is very impressive.

Johann Sebastian Bass are playing at Waves Vienna 2014, which takes place from 1-5 October.

Effi - FM4 Soundpark Session (Popfest Spezial)

I really like the FM4 Soundpark Sessions. In fact, I like the Funkhaus in general, and by that I mean the Radiokulturhaus and its café since those three are the only parts of the building that I’ve actually seen. If Ö1 and FM4 really have to move to Küniglberg that would be a shame.

Effi @ Popfest 2014: Friday, 25 July, 9.30 PM, Seebühne

WIN: 2x2 Tickets für Rock im Dorf, Inzersdorf/Schlierbach, 17-19 Juli

Nichts besseres gibt es im Sommer als die Festivalsaison. Für kurzentschlossene Seelen haben wir das perfekte Programm für kommendes Wochenende: Das wunderbare Rock im Dorf Festival im schönen Oberösterreich.


Wir verlosen 2x2 Tickets für das Event unter allen, die uns bis Do, 17.07, 10.00 Uhr eine Mail an schicken. Viel Glück!

Nazar - Rapbeef
from Camouflage
out on 22 August via Universal Music Austria

Nazar here recently signed a deal with the world’s largest record label and is by far the biggest act at the 2014 Popfest. This guy has been huge for a long time and by now this is also common knowledge. His new album will feature Falco and Sido, so that is quite something.

Nazar, Yasmo & Ski feat. Blak Twang @ Popfest 2014: Thursday, 24 July, 8 PM, Seebühne

Crack Ignaz - Herbert Prohaska (Wandl Remix)

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is how all Skype calls should go.

Wanda - Auseinandergehen ist schwer (from Amore, to be released on Problembärrecords in the fall)

Ich glaube mit Falco möchte keine österreichische Band verglichen werden, wegen Fußstapfen und tragischem Schicksal und weil man ja irgendwann echt aufhören sollte, immer nur von Toten zu reden. Aber wenn man halt gar so wienerisch singt und im Video den Exzess bis in die Absurdität darstellt, passiert das faulen Musikjournalisten halt leider. Also, tschuldigung. Echt. Wir meinen’s nicht bös. Wir sind nur echt ur faul.

Mile Me Deaf - War Bonding (from Holography, out now on Siluh Records)

Watch this video many times, and then go out and buy Holography because this video looks like it was a lot of work and we all know that the value of an album (and a music video, I guess) is "based on the amount of heart and soul an artist has bled into a body of work".

S O H N - Veto, Tempest, Artifice, Wheel (live on KEXP Seattle)

In case you didn’t already know that S O H N was “happening”… S O H N is happening all over the world. Here is their set on KEXP, who never disappoint.

Squalloscope - Three minutes for a detuned diorama 

"One mississippi, two mississippi, three mississippis closer to death” is my favourite Squalloscope line, and fittingly, the accompanying video shows people creating art surrounding people they knew that died. It’s beautiful. I, too, put sugar on everything.

Hey Elbow - Blanca

Late night dives, in slow motion, on hallucinogens, with the mesmerizing sound of Hey Elbow playing. Somehow that is exactly what I want to be doing right now. Can someone bring this trio from Malmö to Vienna soon please?

Country: Sweden

Elektro Guzzi - Atlas

If the weather at this year’s Popfest will be anything like last year, then I’m going to make sure I have a bikini with me on Friday for the Elektro Guzzi gig at brut.

Elektro Guzzi @ Popfest 2014: Friday, 25 July, 2 AM, brut

We Invented Paris - Polar Bears

I kind of love Switzerland. Three of many reasons: 1. The Swiss paper money is so colourful that you’re almost happily paying the equivalent of 25 EUR for a short taxi ride or 6 EUR for a supermarket sandwich.

2. Plus when a Swiss person has a messy apartment, they call it a “hurepuff” and that is my favourite expression, ever.

3. Also, We Invented Paris make nice music.

Country: Switzerland
We Invented Paris are playing at Waves Vienna 2014 on 3 October.


here’s the lyrical video by Beach Girls and the Monster to their song Butcher from the Surf. it was released via the Fettkakao Sampler 2014 two months ago. Theresa Adamski did the Video.

Beach Girls And The Monster - Butcher From The Surf

I’m gonna pretend that there’s no difference between a lyric video (I guess these have all the lyrics) and a lyrical video (which only have key words?) and say that this is my favourite one since Gin Ga’s “Golden Boy”.