here’s the lyrical video by Beach Girls and the Monster to their song Butcher from the Surf. it was released via the Fettkakao Sampler 2014 two months ago. Theresa Adamski did the Video.

Beach Girls And The Monster - Butcher From The Surf

I’m gonna pretend that there’s no difference between a lyric video (I guess these have all the lyrics) and a lyrical video (which only have key words?) and say that this is my favourite one since Gin Ga’s “Golden Boy”.

Pharaohs And Kings - Twisted Eyes

Can everyone please FINALLY stop with the forest videos? One day we’re going to make our threat come true and no longer post music videos with more than three trees in it. This idea has stopped being creative in 2011 and the best forest video has already been made.

Forest videos, incidentally, is only one thing this band from Carinthia has in common with the similarly sounding Upper Austrians Catastrophe & Cure (band name- as well as music-wise). The latter also received massive FM4 support with no label backing them, something which is also happening to Pharaohs and Kings at the moment.

Pharaohs And Kings are playing at WannaPlayVienna on 8 July at B72 in Vienna (free entry).

Dorian Concept - Draft Culture
from Joined Ends
out on September 22 on Ninja Tune

We still can’t write about electronic music but why would you read something boring bloggers write, when there’s a caleidoscope-esque music video to enjoy?

Two crappy cellphone pictures of WANDL and MONSTERHEART at the Neue Wege Festival, Ovalhalle MQ Wien, 27-28 June 2014

I’m guessing that most of the people who go to Vienna’s Museumsquartier in the summertime do so not to enjoy the huge cultural offer there, but to hang out in the bars, restaurants and on the Enzos and, well, drink. Not that I haven’t done so too every summer ever since I moved here, but once in a while it’s worth checking out the events going on at MQ, which quite often feature great live music. 

One of those events took place last weekend as accompanying program for the exhibition “Neue Wege nichts zu tun” (which was way too confusing for me). The concerts in the Ovalhalle were especially impressive as they featured 360 degrees visuals and a stage in the middle of the room. My highlights undoubtedly were Wandl and Monsterheart - the former having the most awesome visuals thanks to his very own visualist (is that a word?) and the best to-make-out-to sound, the latter winning me over easily with Anna’s lovely, hyper character and their quite interesting “Born To Be Wild” version.

Monsterheart is also playing at Popfest Wien on July 26 at the Kunsthalle Ziegelfoyer.

Garish - Bring Mich Auf Ideen

Do you remember when, during the Garish slot at the very first Popfest in 2010, suddenly the electricity failed and the band just went on and sang from the top of their lungs so that people all the way in the back could still hear them? It was magical, and shortly thereafter I took my first baby steps in the local music scene and I will forever link this band to that very exciting time.

July Tourdates:


Yeah, I’m not gonna try to connect this gif to the tourdates. Just enjoy it. The gif, the concerts, the summer. All of it.


Drexor - Tschick (produced by Sh’bombo Wassé) (from Der Hinnige, released September 2014)

Wenn ihr wollt, könnt’s ihr jetzt ernsthaft nachdenken über euren Lebenswandel oder so. Oder tanzen. Weil das geht zu dem Lied eigentlich viel besser als denken.

Okmalumkoolkat - Holy Oxygen I (Trailer)

Cid Rim and The Clonious produced this, other than that this trailer is all the information on Holy Oxygen that I’ve got. Oftentimes I’m terribly uneducated. Judging by Popfest venue and time and Facebook likes, Okmalumkoolkat is actually huge.

Holy Oxygen @ Popfest 2014: Saturday, 26 July, 9.30 PM, Seebühne

Just Friends And Lovers - Showdown

This is perfect in all its lo-fi glory, from the stoned sound to the swaying dance moves to the gowns to the absolutely catchy chorus.

M185 zwischen Tür und Angel

Bei den Proben zur Albumreleaseshow haben wir vor einem Monat M185 getroffen und sie über Löffel, erfolgreiche Wettstrategien, Alleinseinwollen, antielitäre 3D-Druck-Actionfiguren und Sekt für die Fans ausgefragt.

Achtung, der Sound ist wieder einmal am unteren Ende der Hörgenuss-Skala. Audiofeinschmecker und SAE-Studienanfänger sollten also bitte eher weghören und wir wissen eh, dass man eigentlich de-essen muss.

M185 spielen heute Samstag, 28. Juni um 16:15 auf der FM4-Bühne am Donauinselfest und am 23. August als Support von Franz Ferdinand im Wiener Gasometer.

Salute. - Play, Pause with Rob Law

I’m completely blanking on this voice. It is VERY similar to a voice I know (and that you and your grandma know too) but I simply cannot put my finger on it. Anyway, it’s a voice we’ve heard a million times before and the music also isn’t the most original, but together they work quite well, so I’m just going to try to not wreck my brain too much about forgetting that damn name.

Der Nino aus Wien feat. Skero - Abtauen Girl
in GIFs


watch / listen: ritornell & abby lee tee - melting sphere; video by andreea săsăran, illustration by katja seifert! soon to be released on 7inch vinyl (via 15 pcs.)- watch out!

Ritornell & Abby Lee Tee - Melting Sphere

This year’s Popfest is not only taking place on and around Vienna’s Karlsplatz, but is also branching out to the Museumsquartier. One of the artists performing there will be Abby Lee Tee.

Abby Lee Tee @ Popfest 2014: Saturday, 26 July, 2 AM, Kunsthalle Ziegelfoyer

Alexis Taylor - Coming Up

Alexis Taylor, i.e. the other important guy in Hot Chip that isn’t popular remixer and DJ Joe Goddard, has a new album out, but let’s not discuss it now. You’ll have plenty of time to get acquainted with it until he is playing at Waves Vienna this year.

Instead I will show you this unspectacular yet utterly beautiful song which is basically the very soulful core of Hot Chip that is left when you strip the forceful dance production from it.

Country: UK
Alexis Taylor (Hot Chip) is playing at Waves Vienna 2014, which takes place from 1-4 October. Festival passes and tickets available here.

Fräulein Hona - 23rd of December (Live)

This year’s Popfest has the smallest percentage of acts I’ve known before reading their names in the line-up of all Popfests so far.

That, obviously, could mean two very different things: either there is a lot of great music to be discovered this time, or there are no more really big acts except for Nazar and Effi that haven’t played yet. (Bilderbuch, the one huge band that has never officially been invited before, are busy playing festivals in Germany and Luxembourg this year.)

Case in point for the discovery theory: Fräulein Hona. They will fit so nicely to the hungover, relaxed Sunday atmosphere in Wien Museum.

Fräulein Hona @ Popfest 2014: Sunday, 27 July, 6.30 PM, Wien Museum