Against Me! - Shivers (Rowland S. Howard cover)

Already two years passed since Tom Gabel announced that he’d continue his life as Laura Jane Grace. I remember the reactions on twitter, ranging from confusion and disbelief to support and admiration. I nearly forgot about all the fuss until “Transgender Dysphoria Blues” was released this January - a brilliant album, depicting Laura’s doubts and struggles in an incredibly intimate tone. Lines like "You want them to see you / Like they see any other girl / They just see a faggot / They hold their breath not to catch the sick" (Talking Transgender Dysphoria Blues) leave no doubt about how hard this literal transformation must have been.

This openness is admirable, however I’m not so sure about the upcoming AOL show starring Laura. I want to be cautious since I haven’t seen it yet, but the “punk rock singer doing a reality show” title does have this bitter taste of attention-seeking and putting out. Nonetheless, I’m quite excited for the upcoming Vienna show - which will probably be without this great cover version of Rowland S. Howard’s “Shivers” (which he wrote when he was only 16!).

Country: USA
Against Me! are playing in Vienna on June 10 at Arena, tickets here.

Der Nino aus Wien - Grant (They Shoot Music session)

Gefilmt im wunderbaren Café Dezentral, wo man eh öfter hingehen würd, wenn’s näher wär. Bitte bis zum Ende hören.

ich kann nicht mehr überall sein und dort schon gar nicht
weil wenn ich noch weiterhin bleib, verlier ich mich ganz
es is immer eine gute Zeit, aber nur weil man nicht weinen will
überall die Fürchterlichkeiten und die Stimmen der Macht
ich weiß, dass ich’s hass

Mogwai - Simon Ferocious

Bungee jumping and skydiving are two things on my seemingly endless list of things to do before I die. And this Mogwai video features the latter, without being one of those annoying “let’s all jump out of the plane and make random formations” videos thanks to the rather beautiful shots.

Country: Scotland

Mogwai are playing Primavera Sound 2014, where one of us Walzerköniginnen will also enjoy concerts and sunshine and beach. Thus, some recommendations (apart from the obvious ones) in case you’re there too:
Thu, May 29: Girl Band, Majical Cloudz, C+C=Maxigross, Real Estate
Fri, May 30: Mas Ysa, Pional
Sat, May 31: Islands, Cloud Nothings

Robb - Vaduz

Ugh, not another railroad tracks scenery! Apart from that, this video is nice as usual and combines the relaxed soul of Robb with beautiful shots of young people in and around Vienna.

Robb are playing at Der Gute Club on 5 June at Vienna’s B72. Tickets are 9,90 EUR.

WIN: 1x2 Tickets für WYE OAK, 28.05., Chelsea Wien

image(c) Shervin Lainez

Eichen sollst du weichen? Das wäre in diesem Fall ein gravierender Fehler. Wir verlosen

1x2 Tickets für WYE OAK am 28. Mai 2014 (das ist bereits übermorgen!) im Wiener Chelsea (Support: BACHELORETTE)

unter allen, die uns bis 27. Mai, 21h eine Mail an walzerkoenige (at) gmail (dot) com schicken oder den Gewinnspielpost favorisieren oder retweeten.

Viel Glück!

Übrigens, wer sich nicht auf Fortuna verlassen will, kann auch Tickets um 19 EUR käuflich erwerben.


Party like it’s the 90s #MileMeDeaf

Mile Me Deaf - Macrosleep

Mile Me Deaf had some more greenbox fun for the second video for a song from their most recent album Holography. The flowery pants that were allegedly bought at the women’s department of New Yorker make a return to the screen as well.

St. Vincent - Digital Witness

Musician, media philosopher (“What’s the point of doing anything?”) and Alberti-school art theoretician (“people turn their TV on, it looks just like a window”) St. Vincent is coming to Austria this fall.

Country: USA
St. Vincent is playing in Vienna on 18 November 2014 at Arena. Tickets are 25 EUR.

Ping Pong Boys - Kitsch

A song of ice and fire; at least the video has a lot of that, plus things breaking, and all of it in slow motion.

Ping Pong Boys is the newish project of singer-songwriter Stefan Galler and his bandmate Fabian Burstein who currently live in Mexico City and Mannheim, respectively, and who create their songs by throwing bits of music at each other via the internet. So you know, Ping Pong Boys is actually a really clever band name.


the 2nd track and 2nd single from the Fettkakao Sampler 2014, that is out in almost a month.

Just Friends And Lovers - Showdown, from the Fettkakao Sampler 2014, out on 23 May on Fettkakao

The very sexy Showdown by Just Friends And Lovers is just one of many cool tracks on this new Fettkakao compilation that unites artists from the DIY label’s Umfeld.

The Fettkakao Sampler 2014 presentation with Brooke’s Bedroom, Dot Dash & Beach Girls And The Monster takes place on Friday, 23 May 2014 at Rhiz in Vienna.

VIECH - Backenkrampf

The Graz-duo VIECH tends to make the most entertaining music videos in Austria. They play food-tennis, fight with gorillas or do Zumba in their living room. The latest oeuvre seems to be 4:10 mins of two snails making out. Which is kinda cute, but also kinda disgusting (minute 3:30!). 

Next opportunity to catch VIECH live: Thursday May 22 in Graz together with Der Nino aus Wien.

"Sinn … es geht mir nicht ums Verstehen. Ich liebe es, wenn ich etwas nicht verstehe. Ich freu mich wenn es Leuten gefällt und wenn es Leuten nicht gefällt. Ich würd mich nur nicht aufregen darüber. Es gibt ja Leute, die regen sich richtig über, ihrer Meinung nach, schlechte Musik auf, das find ich dann eigentlich eher lustig. Jedes Gefühl das meine Musik erzeugt ist okay. Langweile, Spaß, Freude, Trauer, Abgestoßenheit – alles ist super."

– Der Nino aus Wien, in dem eh nimmer sehr neuen, sehr superen Noisey-Interview.

The 7 most annoying things music PR people need to stop doing


Two crappy cellphone pictures of MILE ME DEAF at Kulturhuset Islands Brygge, Copenhagen on May 16th and May 17th 2014

This (the first one) was the mellowest Mile Me Deaf show I have ever seen. I guess it was owed to the time (5:30) and the place (outside the Kulturhuset, overlooking the harbour) but it was fitting for the audience (the usual concert-goes plus a helluva lot of toddlers and seagulls).

The second concert was more of the typical Mile Me Deaf fare, although it was again in a seated venue - with candles on the tables! They were the last (and most interesting) band to go on at a small music festival but unfortunately, at the time they were playing, a lot of the people had already left. I had convinced a friend to come with me by playing him the Ace of Base cover and although he was disappointed that they didn’t play it, he enjoyed it.

Human Shout - Counting from Ten

Every time I read about Human Shout, I have to think of that school band we had back in the small town I grew up in, which must have been called something incredibly similar, if not even the same. Obviously, the quality of the two is not necessarily comparable, but who knows what our school band would sound like if they still existed. Also, back then (which must have been somewhen between “The Lost World” and “Jurassic Park 3”) it would have been quite uncool to wear a Jurassic Park t-shirt, now it’s pretty awesome and I totally want one too.

Goldsoundz - Rodeo (from Relations, out now on KIM)

Watch This Amazing Lo-Fi Band Play In A Living Room. You Won’t Believe What Happens At 1:48.

(it’s a guitar solo.)