A.Geh Wirklich? - Es Mineralwossa

This is the first track on Wien Musik 2012, a compilation that Monkey Music releases each year to capture the Stadtgefühl, out since 27 July - bullet point review time!

  • Older (Tanz Baby!) and very recent (Hans im Glück), traditional (Willy Resetarits) and very contemporary (Ken Hayakawa) musical approaches to the city we all love-hate.
  • Qualtinger quotes and Qualtinger references!
  • There is a lot of dialect and very little Hochdeutsch. This matches the Zeitgeist perfectly, see the Hubert van Goisern comeback, the signings of Trackshittaz and Ösibua to major labels, the successes of Attwenger etc.
  • Hans im Glück channel Falco, a little bit, maybe?, and pauT finds inspiration in The Beatles ca. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.
  • Na oida!
  • After three years of putting male faces on the cover, Monkey Music, maybe next year feature a woman?