January Tourdates

Happy New Year y’all, hope your hangover isn’t too bad and that all of your New Year’s resolutions include going to more shows by local bands!


Abby Lee Tee:
January 11: AT, Linz, The Future Sound #25 (+krts, jameszoo & rejoicer)
January 18: AT, Wien, Café Leopold (+ soia, fid mella, sega bodega..)
January 25: AT, Linz, Stadtwerkstatt, TBA
January 31: AT, Linz, la`do solaris club night, OK (+rangleklods)

A.G. Trio:
January 10: NL, Groningen, Eurosonic

A Life, A Song, A Cigarette:
January 25: AT, Linz, Posthof

January 30: AT, Wien, Gasometer
January 31: AT, Linz, Posthof 

January 26: AT, Wien, Arena - FM4 Geburtstagsfest
January 30: GER, Bremen, Lagerhaus
January 31: GER, Hannover, Faust

Christoph & Lollo:
January 1: AT, Wien, Kabarett Niedermair
January 2: AT, Wien, Kabarett Niedermair
January 3: AT, Innsbruck, pmk 

Cid Rim:
January 4: GER, Berlin, Gretchen

Das Trojanische Pferd:
January 17: AT, Wien, Rabenhof (Der Weltuntergang)
January 20: AT, Wien, Rabenhof (Der Weltuntergang)
January 23: AT, Wien, Rabenhof (Der Weltuntergang)
January 25: GER, Leipzig, Skala

Destroyed but not Defeated:
January 9: AT, Wien, xpedit Keller
January 11: AT, St. Pölten, frei:raum

Die Eternias:
January 30: FR, Paris 

Electric Theatre:
January 29: AT, Wien, B72 

Ernst Molden:
January 15: AT, Wien, Theater Akzent w/ Bulut
January 23: AT, Wien, Stadtsaal
January 25: AT, Baumgartenberg, Erdball

January 19: AT, Graz, Forum Stadtpark
January 24: AT, Krems, Filmgalerie

January 8: AT, Wien, rhiz 

Gasmac Gilmore:
January 11: NL, Groningen, Eurosonic
January 17: GER, Stuttgart, Goldmarks
January 18: GER, Wetzlar, Franzis
January 24: GER, Munich, Backstage
January 25: GER, Cologne, Underground Cologne
January 26: GER, Bayreuth, Glashaus

January 24: CH, St. Gallen, Grabenhalle
January 25: CH, Bern, Musicbistrot 

Gin Ga:
January 12: AT, Steyr, Röda 
January 26: AT, Wien, Arena, FM4 Geburtstagsfest

Holstuornar Music Big Band Club:
January 10: GER, Wolnzach
January 11: GER, Amberg
January 12: GER, Aschau am Inn
January 18: GER, Erlangen, E-Werk 

January 19: GER, Stuttgart, KimTimJim

Ja, Panik:
January 23: GER, Leipzig, Central Theater w/ Hans Unstern & Die Heiterkeit

January 4: GER, Kempten, Parktheater
January 5: FR, Paris, Social Club
January 12: GER, Wiesbaden, Winterworld
January 18: AT, Sölden, Electric Mountain
January 18: GER, Freiburg, Jackson Pollock Bar
January 19: GER, Essen, Home
January 19: GER, Münster 

January 18: AT, Wels, Alter Schlachthof
January 19: AT, Salzburg, ARGEkultur 

Mile Me Deaf:
January 10: NL, Groningen, Eurosonic, De Spieghel
January 11: NL, Tilburg, Cul de Sac

January 14: AT, Wien, RKH

Neigungsgruppe Sex, Gewalt & gute Laune:
January 24: AT, Salzburg, Rockhouse 1/ Bernhard Eder
January 25: AT, Linz, Posthof
January 26: AT, Innsbruck, pmk 

January 5: AT, Silfestival Griechenberg

Robert Rotifer:
January 15: UK; London, 12 Bar Club 

January 7: AT, Wien, Porgy & Bess 

Sixtus Preiss:
January 31: AT, Wien, fluc 

Sofa Surfers:
January 18: CH, Bern, Dachstock
January 23: GER, Leipzig, Werk2
January 24: GER, Munich, Feierwerk
January 26: GER, Innsbruch, Treibhaus 

Son of the Velvet Rat:
January 2: USA, L.A., Silverlake Lounge 

January 18: AT, St. Pölten, Café Publik 

Steaming Satellites:
January 10: NL, Groningen, Eurosonic 

Sweet Sweet Moon:
January 19: AT, Timelkam, Bart 

The Beth Edges:
January 5: AT, Baumgartenberg, Global 2000 Fest
January 19: AT, Salzburg, Rockhouse
January 25: AT, Innsbruck, Weekender
January 26: AT, Lustenau, Carinisaal 

January 18: AT, St. Pölten, Café Publik 

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