I-Wolf & the Chainreactions - Blazing Fires

We told you that amusement parks were a thing.

Squalloscope - Three minutes for a detuned diorama 

"One mississippi, two mississippi, three mississippis closer to death” is my favourite Squalloscope line, and fittingly, the accompanying video shows people creating art surrounding people they knew that died. It’s beautiful. I, too, put sugar on everything.

Fijuka live at 12 minutes live (OKTO TV)

Remember last summer when we were all in love with Fijuka and admired them for wearing those leggings in these temperatures and also because their music is amazing? Well, not much has changed. Where I am, right now, the temperatures are manageable but the leggings are still glamorous, the basslines are still super cool and the synth is still spectacular.

Sleep Sleep - Dirty Dog

Public Service Announcement: Working hungover while listening to Sleep Sleep’s Gospel is about as great a combination as anything including “working hungover” can be.

The Unused Word - 2nd take (prod. PDF)

A lot of R’n’B heavy electronic music works like the Silence on Doctor Who with me. I love it the moment I’m listening to it but forget about it immediately after. Which is why I always come up blank when somebody asks me about electronic acts I like. Which is also why it’s great to have people around you discover acts like The Unused Word at a different point in time than you, forcing you to remember their brilliance.

Maybe it’ll stick this time.

Filou - Wien

Huh. Amusement park/circus nostalgia seems to be the new hot thing in music videos.

Moon Boots / Bilderbuch / Feinste Seide


Bilderbuch - Moon Boots

Moon Boots was actually the first of the songs from the Feinste Seide EP that the band played live, I think. At least I remember hearing this for the first time at a show pre-Plansch and thinking, this is bilderbuch-crazy as usual and greater than ever. And then the track didn’t even make it onto the digital version of the EP at first! Luckily it is available now.

Sleep Sleep - Take The Money And Run

Yes. I’m here for all of this. These are my favourite parts of the Pet Shop Boys and the parts I do not hate about Depeche Mode mixed together, plus something else I cannot quite put my finger on.

Velojet - Leading A Life

This is the third, seven and a half minutes long single taken from Panorama, my favourite Velojet album so far. Leading A Life has a more dreamy sound than the usual Velojet output.

Velojet & Friends are playing at Radiokulturhaus Wien with support act Lukas Lauermann on 21 February 2014.


sorry i’ve been missing in action over here. lots of stuff happening on my music site for Squalloscope, though.
like this video that i made last week. location shots from point cabrillo and mendocino county, California, where i spent some time over new year’s.

Squalloscope - Desert Pacific Octopi

I continue to not be a particularly big fan of Squalloscope’s Desert EP, but you gotta admire this renaissance woman in complete control of her artistic self.

Hidden By The Grapes - Don’t Let Me Robert Downey Jr.

This video was shot at a mall, a location that no sane person wishes to be at, ever, but especially not during the annual pre-Christmas madness. The only acceptable thing about Christmas is Robert Downey, Jr.’s version of River for the Ally McBeal Christmas album (because it is supersad).

See what I did there? Hidden By The Grapes, you’re not the only ones who casually drop Robert Downey, Jr.’s name in unrelated contexts. 

Catastrophe & Cure - Quite Alright (Neorama Remix) / Rückblick 2013

C&C look back on a very eventful 2013 with a video full of impressions from various shows and life on tour (accompanied by a great remix), and we are proud to have contributed about two seconds of wobbly footage for it (from our interview with them this summer).

Salute - Lionheart, from the Lionheart EP, out now on Cool Kid Music

Shooting star Salute released his EP one day before Christmas and also put the songs on Soundcloud. And because I suck at talking about electronic music, here’s a general comment about Soundcloud instead: there’s something absolutely fascinating about looking at the waveform of a track while listening to it.

Ghost Capsules - Morgan Le Fay

VHS! I remember that! I’m getting old!

Ghost Capsules @ Eurosonic 2014: 17 January, Simplon (Up), Groningen, Netherlands

We Walk Walls - Critical Masses

We Walk Walls don’t enunciate all too properly which is why I thought they sang “pretty girl messes” for the longest time. (Until I read about my wrongness.) I like my version better, frankly.