The wonderful trio Schmieds Puls performs an inspired take of “Play Dead” with the massive Karlskirche in the background. #PopfestWien2014

Schmieds Puls - Play Dead (They Shoot Music Popfest Session)

Awww, remember Popfest, when we didn’t know yet that this summer would be over by the end of July? We were so optimistic and full of Vitamin D then.

Usually Waves Vienna marks the beginning of evening jacket weather, but I guess when Schmieds Puls are playing this year, we will have been wearing jackets for months.

Schmieds Puls are playing at Waves Vienna 2014 at brut on Thursday, 2 October at 11.15 PM.


Jooo! Viech start into their performance with a cry of joy. Watch out for these young men with their massive voices and beards at Popfest Wien tomorrow! #KarlsGarten #PopfestWien #Viech

Viech - Steuermann (They Shoot Music Karlsgarten Session)

We never manage to see all the acts we’re planning to see at any given Popfest, and this year was especially bad. The fear of having missed out is confirmed and eased simultaneously with this They Shoot Music session.

Camo & Krooked - All Night (They Shoot Music At Home Session)

All Night is still so good. So intellectually pleasing. Totally unsatisfactory. Brilliant. Also, I love the Arena. Not for D’n’B events, but generally. And They Shoot Music videos. So that’s three reasons to watch this.

Der Nino aus Wien - Bäume (They Shoot Music At Home Session)

I’ve been thinking about it for a few weeks now, and this is definitely my favourite song off of the two new Der Nino aus Wien albums. All of the others are really great as well. But this one is superb. That Kinder, Katzen und Garten verse. 

Der Nino aus Wien @ Popfest 2014: Saturday, 26 July, 1.30 AM, TU Prechtlsaal

Der Nino aus Wien - Grant (They Shoot Music session)

Gefilmt im wunderbaren Café Dezentral, wo man eh öfter hingehen würd, wenn’s näher wär. Bitte bis zum Ende hören.

ich kann nicht mehr überall sein und dort schon gar nicht
weil wenn ich noch weiterhin bleib, verlier ich mich ganz
es is immer eine gute Zeit, aber nur weil man nicht weinen will
überall die Fürchterlichkeiten und die Stimmen der Macht
ich weiß, dass ich’s hass


Habemus Papam! After the election of Papa Francesco Sweet, Sweet Moon heads out to play a session in front of Córdoba’s cathedral.

Sweet Sweet Moon - I Know It When I See It / Fuck The Atlantic Ocean

Those must be the uncoolest shoes in the world. Luckily literally everything else about this video is amazing.


Tirana is playing at this years Eurosonic Festival in Groningen, Netherlands-  that is why They Shoot Music did a video at Türkis Rosa Lila Villa in Vienna.

Tirana - Same (They Shoot Music At Home Session)

I spent one evening at the (Türkis) Rosa Lila Villa a long time ago. It was a pretty average evening actually. I’m glad it was. I don’t know why I’m even mentioning it. It should be so normal it’s boring.

Tirana @ Eurosonic 2014: 15 January, De Spieghel (Up) & 16 January, De Beurs (Up), Groningen, Netherlands


ghost capsules in their natural habitat

Ghost Capsules - Broken Bones / They Shoot Music At Home Session

This is a new song, isn’t it? It’s a great new, more atmospheric direction that makes me yearn for more.

Did you know that the Ghost Capsules studio is located in the same house as one of three parties I went to in 2013 that got shut down by the police? (Man, 2013 wasn’t bad at all!) It was glorious; the whole street was filled with police cars and people continuing the party on the street.

Ghost Capsules @ Eurosonic 2014: 17 January, Simplon (Up), Groningen, Netherlands

Koenigleopold - Jay-Rap / They Shoot Music At Home Sessions

I have always wanted to see what the legendary Hotel Fürstenhof looks like on the inside. Watch as Koenigleopold tell half truths (at best!) and perform Jay-Rap at Vienna’s Radiokulturhaus.

Koenigleopold @ Eurosonic 2014: 16 January, De Spieghel (Main), Groningen, Netherlands


Sweet Sweet Moon playing “Hero” in an old mirror factory

Sweet Sweet Moon - Hero / They Shoot Music At Home Session

Sweet Sweet Moon waving at trains in Gars am Kamp, throwing rocks into rivers and playing a song. 

Sweet Sweet Moon @ Eurosonic 2014: 17 January, USVA and The Coffee Company, Groningen, Netherlands

Olympique - Let Us Fade Away / They Shoot Music At Home Session

Olympique are one of those bands that prove that first and foremost, it takes a great lead voice to sound professional. 

Also, I find it interesting that quite a few of these At Home Sessions were recorded in rehearsal spaces.


At Home Session #7: Hella Comet play a forceful rehearsal room concert at Sisi Top Studio in Graz! // Check out more videos, photos, location info, etc. on

Hella Comet - Tinker Boat / They Shoot Music At Home Session

"Ah, ihr Scheiß-Hippies!" 1:16 was the second Hella Comet won me over once and for all. Tinker Boat is still available as a free download on the December 2013 edition of the Music Alliance Pact.

Hella Comet @ Eurosonic 2014: 15 January, Shadrak (Up) & 16 January, De Spieghel (Up), Groningen, Netherlands

Cid Rim -  Red Ocean / They Shoot Music At Home Sessions

I love the fast cuts in this video and the way the sun shines into the room.

Cid Rim @ Eurosonic 2014: 16 January, Groningen, Netherlands

The Vegetable Orchestra - They Shoot Music At Home Session

The Vegetable Orchestra’s music is not really my jam (sorry, y’all, I had to go there) but I am fascinated by the way they choose and craft their instruments.

The Vegetable Orchestra will play at Eurosonic Noorderslag in Groningen, NL, January 16th 2014

Sex Jams - Queen’s Club / They Shoot Music At Home Sessions

This They Shoot Music session includes not only a Sex Jams song and a tour of their former rehearsal space, but also a little bit of subtle local government criticism and creative integration of a banana.

Sex Jams @ Eurosonic 2014: 16 January, Vera, Groningen, Netherlands