Clara Luzia - Monster In You

Roadtripping with a band is one of the awesomest things if you’re not in a band and thus do it all the time. Also nice via video.

Clara Luzia - No One’s Watching, from We Are Fish, out on 1 March 2013 on Asinella Records

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Clara Luzia - No One’s Watching, from We Are Fish, out on 1 March 2013 on Asinella Records

For the Big Brother, casting shows and Klout generations and the Selbstdarsteller we have all become, Clara Luzia has recorded an unusually rocky song, which is also the first appetizer for her upcoming album We Are Fish.

Colours - Clara Luzia

No-handed (Trouble over Tokyo cover) - Clara Luzia

Port of New Orleans / Clara Luzia / The Long Memory

Clara Luzia: Port Of New Orleans


Clara Luzia - Morning Light

we held hands and cried
until the morning light

Marilies Jagsch: Shadow and Light

Queen of the wolves - Clara Luzia

Luise Pop, Feminist Terrorists

Marilies Jagsch, How Sad A Fate

Aus der Reihe Waltzing With Walzerkoenig

Frame / Clara Luzia / Samy's Indie Rock Playlist Summer 2011


Clara Luzia - Frame 

Rubberband - Mika Vember

Release the Sea / Clara Luzia / Falling Into Place


I think this song will become a favorite by year’s end. 


Marilies Jagsch - From Ice To Water To Nothing