Clara Luzia - Sinnerman

Hnnng, somehow this got lost in our drafts for months; how could we have forgotten about it! Clara Luzia’s Sinnerman is on the soundtrack of Das finstere Tal, just like the equally moody How Dare You by Steaming Satellites. I still haven’t seen it, but with these two tracks it must be as great as everyone says.

Clara Luzia - Monster In You

Roadtripping with a band is one of the awesomest things if you’re not in a band and thus do it all the time. Also nice via video.

Clara Luzia - No One’s Watching, from We Are Fish, out on 1 March 2013 on Asinella Records

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WIN: 2x2 Tickets für CLARA LUZIA am 6. März im WUK

Am 6. März 2013 feiert CLARA LUZIA den Release ihre neuen Albums We Are Fish, und zwar im superen WUK. Dieses stellt uns freundlicherweise 2x2 Tickets für das Konzert zur Verfügung.

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Clara Luzia - No One’s Watching, from We Are Fish, out on 1 March 2013 on Asinella Records

For the Big Brother, casting shows and Klout generations and the Selbstdarsteller we have all become, Clara Luzia has recorded an unusually rocky song, which is also the first appetizer for her upcoming album We Are Fish.

CLARA LUZIA - Music Alliance Pact 12/2012

image(c) Sarah Haas

Once again, we bring to you the most interesting new tracks from around the world in one free digital mixtape called Music Alliance Pact, curated by international music bloggers and publications with an eye on their local scenes. For the last edition of 2012, we are featuring CLARA LUZIA.

Click the play button icon to listen to individual songs, right-click on the song title to download an mp3, or grab a zip file of the full 39-track compilation through here.

AUSTRIA: Walzerkönig
Clara LuziaMorning Light (MP3)
Morning Light contains some of my favourite lyrics: “We held hands and cried until the morning light”. Isn’t the idea of sharing one’s sadness with someone else just such a beautiful thought? After four successful records in Austria, singer-songwriter Clara Luzia recently released her international debut album The Range, a compilation of songs from her previous albums.

March 6: AT, Wien, WUK - Album Release Show
March 8: AT, Linz, Posthof
March 9: AT, Klagenfurt, Kamot
March 14: AT, St. Pölten, Cinema Paradiso
March 15: AT, Graz, PPC 

This month’s other highlights include the next anthem for the underage indie disco by Swiss Lips (confusingly, from the UK) and the Sin Fang / Seabear side project Pojke (Iceland). Find all tracks after the jump:


Oh Yeah, She Performs! (Trailer)

FM4’s Mirjam Unger and her team met up with female musicians Gustav, Clara Luzia, Vera Kropf (of Luise Pop) and Teresa Rotschopf (a.k.a. Suzie On The Rocks of Bunny Lake) again and again over the course of two and a half years, and Oh Yeah, She Performs! is the product of this process. 

I saw it yesterday at the Viennale film festival and my only negative comment is that I wish it had been made ten years earlier; providing role models for women/girls who are interested in music is badly needed. There are still far too few women on and behind the stage.

Especially Eva Jantschitsch (Gustav) has a great attitude, and Vera Kropf (Luise Pop) and Clara Luzia have intelligent things to say, while Teresa Rotschopf doesn’t entirely fit the feminist attitude of the movie with the Bunny Lake hedonism and her solo project not so entirely different. At least that was my first thought. But then I thought of something Vera Kropf says in the movie: there are two strategies for women in music at the moment - you can either focus on the feminist aspect or you can emphasize your feminine charms - while actually, neither of these two options are so very desirable. To just be able to make music without being reduced to being a woman in one way or the other is. 

In Programmkinos from November 9th.

MILK+ feat. Clara Luzia - Melaforint

Colours - Clara Luzia

"Im Wohlfahrtsstaat zahlen wir zum Beispiel alle in die Krankenkassa ein, auch wenn manche von uns kaum jemals krank sind. Wir sagen, das ist okay. Genauso könnte man meinen: Die Kultur in diesem Land soll möglichst divers sein und deswegen kosten Festplatten halt ein bisschen mehr. Ich würde die Festplattenabgabe als Solidarabgabe sehen."

– Clara Luzia in Falter 18/12, p. 12. We usually keep politics out of this blog, but Clara Luzia’s analogy makes sense.

M185 feat. Clara Luzia & Ines Perschy: V.S. (FM4 Studio 2 Soundpark Session)

Clara Luzia on Balcony TV

No-handed (Trouble over Tokyo cover) - Clara Luzia

Port of New Orleans / Clara Luzia / The Long Memory

Clara Luzia: Port Of New Orleans


Clara Luzia - Morning Light

we held hands and cried
until the morning light