Thieves Like Us - Sutphin Boulevard (Blood Orange Cover)

As a first appetizer for the new Thieves Like Us album due in autumn/winter on Seayou, the band decided to cover a Blood Orange track, which is a project of half god Dev Hynes.

When I say half god, that is no exaggeration. Not only is he besties with Beyoncé’s little sister Solange, but he was also the guy behind both Lightspeed Champion and Test Icicles.

Free download here.

Der Nino aus Wien - I See A Darkness

"Ur schee!" hat meine Schwester gesagt, als ich mir überlegt hab, was ich zu dem Lied außer den hard facts (Will Oldham Cover, Johnny Cash hat’s auch schon gesungen, in der Version für den Film "I see a darkness" aufgenommen) denn schreiben könnte, aber außer "Ur schee!" muss man ja eh nix sagen.

Mozes And The Firstborn - Lady Godiva’s Operation (The Velvet Underground Cover)

Still jealous of their ability to ooze coolness no matter what they do.

Mozes And The Firstborn @ Eurosonic 2014: 16 January, Magic Mirror (Spiegeltent) and 17 January, De Spieghel (Up), Groningen, Netherlands. Mozes And The Firstborn will return to Austria in May for shows in Vienna, Innsbruck and Vöcklabruck.

Robotra - John, I’m Only Dancing, from Aivery play Ramones / Robotra play Bowie, out now on Wilhelm Show Me The Major Label

This is from the same split EP as the Aivery track we previously posted. I love John, I’m Only Dancing! So much!! It’s possibly my favourite Bowie track, and this man has made many a great song.

Aber das Leben lebt - Just can’t get enough (Depeche Mode cover)

Aber das Leben lebt take the edge off a Depeche Mode song and I don’t know what to think of it. I mean, I like their version but I don’t know if that is simply owed to "Just can’t get enough“‘s keyboard part being one of my favourite keyboard parts in the whole wide world, or if the concept of a warm and fuzzy, baritone-sung "Just can’t get enough" is actually working.

Sweet Sweet Moon - Devil Town

Covers is what Sweet Sweet Moon does really well. Original material is also what Sweet Sweet Moon does really well.

Hooligan der Herzen ft. Oliver Welter (Naked Lunch) / Neigungsgruppe Sex, Gewalt & gute Laune / Wellen der Angst

Neigungsgruppe Sex, Gewalt und Gute Laune - Hooligan der Herzen ft. Oliver Welter (Naked Lunch cover)

Ich habe sowohl dieses Lied als auch das Original schon dutzende Male gehört und ich WEISS, dass ich nicht recht habe, aber trotzdem: Jedes Mal wenn die Zeile "Wir ham uns gestern gestern fruah erst truffn" kommt und dann als nächstes "wir ham so vü gemeinsam", denk ich mir, Nein, nein, nein, so geht das nicht, das müsste "wir ham so vü gesoffen" heißen! Jedes Mal.

Weil was sich reimt ist gut und Alkohol in einem Neigungsgruppe-Lied wär ja auch nix Neues.

Mile Me Deaf - All that she wants (Ace of Base cover)

Our love for Eurotrash shouldn’t be a secret, so Mile Me Deaf digging up this treasure (with kazoos!) from their archives, gave us much joy. 

Gin Ga - No Limit (Sesiones Ligeras 54)

Indie boys choir Gin Ga once again cover the 90’s hit No Limit. if I remember correctly, Gin Ga said at the Popfest that the track’s originators were not OK with their version, and if that is true, what is wrong with them?

Sleep Sleep - WIld at heart (Mile Me Deaf cover)

They put a bird on it.

Sleep Sleep - Looking for Freedom (David Hasselhoff)

My only critique is that terrible David Hasselhoff/Mauer jokes don’t really work with such an eerie, calm rendition. Otherwise, I absolutely adore this.

Sleep Sleeps debut is available to download now, a vinyl will be released on Noise Appeal Records later this year.

Bernhard Eder & Ian Fisher - I Follow My Heart (Velojet Cover)

To bridge the time until there will be new Velojet material (which shouldn’t be too long now!), have a cover of a Velojet classic. Take the euphoria and the full sound out of the original and add the characteristic trembling/melancholic voices of Mr. Eder and Mr. Fisher and two acoustic guitars and all of a sudden this is the saddest song in the world.

The only time ( Nine Inch Nails) - Kidcat Lo-Fi

Ukuleles don’t improve every song but definitely this Nine Inch Nails song (sorry. Never got into them.)

This tune (Just Friends and Lovers cover) - Robotra

Robotra add a lot of aggression to this JFAL earworm but not unpleasantly so.

Teenage spaceship (Smog Cover) - Sleep Sleep

Sleep Sleep recorded a second cover (after January’s Convertible cover) and once again it is great. Bill Callahan has nothing to do with Spiritualized and Sleep Sleep have nothing to do with Spiritualized but somehow their Teenage Spaceship version reminds me of… Spiritualized. This right here is bad music journalism but also the nicest thing I can imagine saying about a song, ever.