Markus Kienzl feat. Lusty - Terror

Is this some sort of Blair Witch Project parody or is this for real?

Mauracher - Super Seven

Yo Mauracher, didn’t you get the memo? Forests are so 2012. Child actors and dog actors, however: timeless.


Ping Ping  - “Skin”. After releasing their highly praised debut album “On The Run” in 2010 Loretta Who and Hubert Mauracher take the next step. The song “Skin” (which has recently been chosen for a big ad campaign) will be included on a new Ping Ping release “Under Your Skin EP” in January 2013. See the official video produced by luma.launisch.

Mauracher - You

Sounds and now also looks like skylines, dark alleyways, multiple layers, a tinge of red, bokeh, dramatic clouds and airplane wings.

MAURACHER - Music Alliance Pact 11/2012

(c) James William Porter III

Once again, we bring to you the most interesting new tracks from around the world in one free digital mixtape called Music Alliance Pact, curated by international music bloggers and publications with an eye on their local scenes. For the 50th edition, we and our fellow MAP members bring to you lots of exclusive tracks, including Austria’s MAURACHER.

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AUSTRIA: Walzerkönig
MauracherOuter Space Dancer (MP3)
Outer Space Dancer is the first single from the new, fourth Mauracher album Super Seven, out now on Fabrique Records. For this album, Tyrolean electronic musician Hubert Mauracher has teamed up with singer Sonia Sawoff (of Sawoff Shotgun). Together, they create synth-filled dream-pop with ethereal lyrics such as, “When I close my eyes, I stop thinking”.

November 16: AT, Innsbruck, Treibhaus
November 17: AT, Dornbirn, Spielboden
January 18: AT, Wels, Schlachthof
January 19: AT, Salzburg, Arge

This month’s other highlights include an exclusive rework by Germany’s Touchy Mob, Waves Vienna 2012 artist DZA (Russia), and tracks produced by members of The Strokes and Tortoise. Find all tracks below:


Mauracher - Coma, from Super Seven, out now on Fabrique Records

If you, like me, still associate Mauracher with Meilenstein, the new album Super Seven will mess with your expectations. As the Profil has pointed out, what Hubert Mauracher, girlfriend Sonia Sawoff (of Sawoff Shotgun) and band are doing here is veritable dream pop.

Mauracher feat. Sonia Sawoff - Outer Space Dancer

When I close my eyes, I stop thinking, I stop thinking, I stop thinking

Ping Ping, Lose Control