Viereinhalb Minuten Swing And Roll (Dreieinhalb Minuten Rock’n’Roll / Fred Schreiber Cover)

Fred Schreiber is not only a musician (Fred Schreiber, Die Falschen Freunde) but also happens to be one of the makers of the Sendung ohne Namen. A whole lot of representatives of the local music scene gathered some time ago to record a version of one of Schreiber’s songs for the ORF show, including Gustav, The Beth Edges, Skero, Mauracher, pauT, Fuzzman, Der Nino aus Wien, Discoparty Brothers, Das trojanische Pferd, Kreisky, Heinz aus Wien, Attwenger, Christoph & Lollo, Kidcat Lo-Fi, Luise Pop, Garish, Florian Horwath, A Life, A Song, A Cigarette, Curbs, I-Wolf and Fred Schreiber himself.

Problembär Records is five and celebrates this on everybody’s new favourite going-out-day, Tuesday, at the rhiz in Vienna. With concerts by Kidcat Lo-fi, Parkwächter Harlekin, Fred Schreiber, D. Cooper and Der Nino aus Wien and Die Sendung ohne Namen. More info here.

For this event, label boss Stefan Redelsteiner even got fit under the guidance of future trainer of the Albanian nation chess team.

Fred Schreiber, Größer als wir. Endlich(!) find ich heraus, wer hinter der ungooglebaren Band Falsche Freunde steckt(e).