I go through my soundcloud subscriptions very irregularly, which is a shame because a) I have a great taste in subscriptions, b) I almost missed out on this collection of free Affine Records downloads.

Neodisco - Raven unter Palmen
from the Kreativ verbraucht EP
out now on Columbia / Sony Music

Neodisco are back with a free EP to bridge the time until their next album, and it seems they are moving away from the Deichkind / Kraftklub sounds and coming closer to the style of their producer’s main act HVOB.

Cute how the Alt-Erlaa resident nerdy main protagonist’s belly is quite obviously a cushion stuffed into his shirt. 

Download the EP for free here.

M185 - Soon
from Everything Is Up
out on 22 May on Siluh Records

Finally something new from M185! While their last album was the perfect soundtrack for sweating in venues with too many people and terrible ventilation, their new single Soon, with its polyphonic falsetto singing, is more like a soundtrack for sweating on a roadtrip to your summer vacation destination in a car with your best friends and no air conditioning.

Free download here.

Thieves Like Us - Sutphin Boulevard (Blood Orange Cover)

As a first appetizer for the new Thieves Like Us album due in autumn/winter on Seayou, the band decided to cover a Blood Orange track, which is a project of half god Dev Hynes.

When I say half god, that is no exaggeration. Not only is he besties with Beyoncé’s little sister Solange, but he was also the guy behind both Lightspeed Champion and Test Icicles.

Free download here.

New Native - Twisting

Wow, how many record labels can one single act have? Four, apparently, in the case of New Native, an indie emo punk band that appeared on the radar rather suddenly and has been taking steps very professionally ever since.

Free download via the Goddamn Records Bandcamp.

N.I.K.O. - Als Ich Noch Schlief 
from Zwischen Asphalt und Milchstraße, out on April 4

This is what I like to call “breakfast TV rap”, i.e. something that has been robbed off all lumps and bumps and is now a bland, quite forgettable consumer product. Supposedly the album also has more serious songs but after this introduction I cannot be bothered to look for them. However, if you used to be a really big Max Herre fan and are looking for something somewhat similar, you can download the single on bandcamp.

Theophilus London - Do Girls (Preview)
beat by Cid Rim

Mr. London and Cid Rim, I like this combination. Bragging about how Theophilus London’s magic stick converted a convinced lesbian to heterosexuality, ugh, not so much. R&B, I love you but sometimes your damn nauseating lyrics bring me down. Free download here.

Wandl - Prunk

No honestly, how do you talk about electronic instrumental music without sounding like a total wannabe philosopher? Anyway, this is a free download here

Also, scrolling up and down really fast while looking at the cover image is a lot of fun.

Chronic City feat. Sleep Sleep - Ocean Of Luxury, from the Myra Falls EP (free download on the band’s website)

Alliterations and reduplications make a great team.

Mile Me Deaf - Third From The Sun, from the next Mile Me Deaf album, out sometime in spring 2014 on Siluh Records

Season’s Greetings from Siluh come in the shape of a new Mile Me Deaf track called “Third From The Sun” which is a free download via Bandcamp until the 26th of December.

For the small price of giving Bilderbuch your e-mail address, you can now download the brilliant Moonboots (with or without autotune) for free from their website. You know you want it.

Beach Girls And The Monster - I Go Surfing

Our most recent Music Alliance Pact submission now also comes with a music video. This is still a free download and works great against autumn melancholia.

Francis International Airport - Pitch Paired

Free download via the Siluh Soundcloud. The track became an FM4 hit despite its non-traditional song structure, and rightfully so. The first half is super catchy, the second one super hypnotical, and I can’t decide which one I like better. And if you haven’t got the album yet (why?) or aren’t a Spotify user (why?), you are strongly advised to download the track now.

Austra - Home (Space Echo Trip Extended)

Sweet. caTekk’s and Lee Stevens’ new project Space Echo kicks off with an Austra remix. Free download via Soundcloud.

I-Wolf & The Chainreactions - Exploitation Blues (Burnin Tears Remix)

More loungy than the original, this is a free download via the Seayou Soundcloud.