Habemus Papam! After the election of Papa Francesco Sweet, Sweet Moon heads out to play a session in front of Córdoba’s cathedral.

Sweet Sweet Moon - I Know It When I See It / Fuck The Atlantic Ocean

Those must be the uncoolest shoes in the world. Luckily literally everything else about this video is amazing.

Sweet Sweet Moon - Devil Town

Covers is what Sweet Sweet Moon does really well. Original material is also what Sweet Sweet Moon does really well.

Sweet Sweet Moon - I do you good (They Shoot Music session)

This song makes me think that the world is a wonderful, weird, sad, happy, cynicism-free place that usually only Daniel Johnston manages.

Sweet Sweet Moon - A Pair Of Blue Eyes (They Shoot Music / Fuck The Atlantic Ocean Session)

I got 99 problems but a bitch ain’t one? Watch as Sweet Sweet Moon play A Pair Of Blue Eyes for a couple of dogs in Valparaiso. Drama ensues as a third dog starts making trouble.

Sweet Sweet Moon - I See Things That You Don’t See And That Is Blue, Blue, Black And Dylan in a ballett studio in Tucumán

They Shoot Music are giving us first glimpses of how their project Fuck The Atlantic Ocean is going and the tagline for this video is “Waltz & Ballett”. Posted for obvious reasons.

Fuck the Atlantic Ocean - Crowdfunding trailer

This is a trailer to a project of Sweet Sweet Moon and They Shoot Music Don’t They. Together, they will tour South America, play concerts and document the journey with a full-length movie.

SSM and TSM has been a great combination in the past and if this is something you’d like to see more of, help the project out on indiegogo.