Wanda - Schickt mir die Post
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In a somewhat literal visual translation of the lyrics, the singer of Wanda is rescued/abducted from the hospital by his four bandmates and brought to a big Italian feast until the Grim Reaper himself comes to find him. Or does he? Only Wanda and fifth-graders get away with this plot twist. Did we mention that we’re total Wanda fangirls?

Olympique - Ivory
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If you weren’t a cool smoker yet, look how elegant and satisfying and tragic and dandy Olympique and their team make it look. Just like smoking (caution, questionable metaphor upcoming), the song itself seems meh at first, but then it grows on you and eventually it becomes hard to stop listening.

Der Nino aus Wien feat. Skero - Abtauen Girl
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Ja, Panik - Chain Gang
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Just like “Get Lucky”, except more Nile Rodgers, less Pharrell, more out of space, less dancefloor. I love when sound and vision go together so well.

Mile Me Deaf - Shiver
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Mile Me Deaf return to their favourite decade, the 90s, for the music video to Shiver, the lead single of their upcuming album Holography, though it is not clear whether they got there by joining Doctor Who on a trip in the T.A.R.D.I.S. or whether it was a different kind of trip altogether.

Gin Ga - AA
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Fourth wall breaks FTW! And just look how the horizon always aligns with where Alex Konrad’s shirt ends!

Kreisky - Pipelines
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Kreisky’s Franz Adrian Wenzl flies above the clouds on a plush toy* and discovers the three other, pipeline-coloured giant band members who wake up and become angry after he discovers and blows some kind of horn.

*It’s Fuchur, thanks orf.at.

Ja, Panik | DMD KIU LIDT (x)

I don’t know about you, but I personally think this trailer is terribly full of clichés. Come on, railroad tracks! Walking in the woods! Thoughtful smoking!

However, we hear the film is basically about former band member Thomas Schleicher, so that should be interesting. Artsy and interesting.

DMD KIU LIDT @ Poolinale 2014: 28 March, 6PM and 29 March, 8.30PM at Top Kino in Vienna

The Beth Edges - Pure Dynamite
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The Beth Edges are abducted by a femme fatale with a gun who is also a seductive dancer.

Garish - Ganz Paris
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Sind ja hier eigentlich eher Team Katzen (wie es sich für Internetsüchtige gehört), aber wenn Garish und ihr Regisseur Christoph Kuschnig süße Hunde durch Paris schicken, finden wir das auch toll. Sehr sogar.

Garish - Auf den Dächern
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"Wer Bogart falsch zitiert, hat das verdient" is a sentence that connects this first appetizer for the upcoming (and presumably excellent) Garish album with its accompanying music video.

After all, it makes a huge difference whether someone looks into your eyes or you look into theirs. It’s a question of power and subject/object relations (check out Sartre if you have doubts) and that’s what makes people on the screen looking directly at you so eery.

Not sure if that is really the meaning of the lyrics fragment or the video, but good art usually leaves space for interpretations, and this is some very fine art.

Bilderbuch - Maschin
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This video fits the Maschin sound like a hand in a (yellow) glove.

Velojet - Cold Hands
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Is your blood as cold as your cold hands are? 
Is your mind as weak as my hands are?

Fijuka - Phantom Sentimental
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Fitting the dreamy Sunday afternoon sound of Phantom Sentimental, this video consists of slowly tilting images of flesh and meat and other foods, and of people who are enjoying these things deeply.

Weiß leider nicht, wie Liebe aussieht,
doch dachte immer, es wär irgendwas mit Rot.

Gerard - Irgendwas mit Rot