New Native - Wallow
from the Twisting EP, out on Goddamn Records

Goddamn Records turns out to be a small label with a great taste for timeless music. After Rika, New Native is already the second band that I think I might be in love with a tiny bit, and neither of them have R&B influences, heavy use of electronic instruments or other shenanigans that more zeitgeisty bands deem desirable.

New Native - Twisting

Wow, how many record labels can one single act have? Four, apparently, in the case of New Native, an indie emo punk band that appeared on the radar rather suddenly and has been taking steps very professionally ever since.

Free download via the Goddamn Records Bandcamp.

Rika - Mute

Go see Rika live if you get a chance, not only because their songs sound even more enchanting in concert, but also for their charming-because-wobbly jokes.

Rika - Restless, from the very, very beautifully titled How To Draw A River, Step By Step, out on 15 February on Goddamn Records / Count Your Lucky Stars

Listen to this. Do it. Then download Port Dover for free from