Sometimes when I’m bored, I make videos with found footage. This is a new one for “October”.

Rika - October

This was one of my top 10 albums this year, and even more importantly, I’m certain that this will be an album that I’ll still listen to occasionally ten years from now. It’s that timelessly beautiful.

Rika - Mute

Go see Rika live if you get a chance, not only because their songs sound even more enchanting in concert, but also for their charming-because-wobbly jokes.

Rika - Restless, from the very, very beautifully titled How To Draw A River, Step By Step, out on 15 February on Goddamn Records / Count Your Lucky Stars

Listen to this. Do it. Then download Port Dover for free from diffuser.fm.

Rika - Restless, from How To Draw A River, Step By Step, out on 15 February, 2013

Someone put this song in a sad movie scene ASAP. I think this album will be the nicest belated birthday present I am going to give to myself when it finally comes out.