Kreisky - Pipelines
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Kreisky’s Franz Adrian Wenzl flies above the clouds on a plush toy* and discovers the three other, pipeline-coloured giant band members who wake up and become angry after he discovers and blows some kind of horn.

*It’s Fuchur, thanks


listen to Sleep Sleep

Sleep Sleep - Gospel

"I’m always drunk and I’m always tired" - Sleep Sleep may have made the perfect anthem for this stupid, dark winter and the coping mechanisms of yours truly. 

Kreisky - Selbe Stadt, anderer Planet

My first reaction to Kreiskys new single was “Well, fuck youuuuuuuu, Kreisky!” because I saw the video when I came back home from an 8 a.m. class from and to which I travelled in heavy rain. My second reaction was: “Damn, it’s been a while and I forgot how good Kreisky are. I cannot wait for their new album.”

It is called “Blick auf die Alpen” and comes out in January, by the way.

As for the video, for a long time this looks like one of those videos where nothing happens and you’ll just be watching a cigarette burn for three minutes but it’s not. Stuff’ll happen. E.g. something I suspect to be avian cannibalism.

Kreisky @ Waves Vienna 2013: Saturday, 5 October, Flex

Naked Lunch - At The Lovecourt

There are remarkably many shots of bums and remarkably few couples making out for a concert. There are close-ups of concert photographers and people who play in other bands that are amazing.

And for the first time, I am sort of relieved I couldn’t go; I have the suspicion that my concert face is the worst and I certainly don’t want anyone to capture it.

Love & Fist - My Hometown
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Simple yet brilliant music video that features Love & Fist revisiting childhood places and channeling their inner teenagers; on an unrelated note, that first GIF shows one of the very first dance moves I ever learned in my jazzdance class in school.

Love & Fist - Bright Light

2:30 mins from scratch is not usually how long this takes for most women. It may be normal but it is certainly not average. #itseducational #yourewelcome #servicepost

Love & Fist - My Hometown

Spike Jonze und Arcade Fire sollten sich warm anziehen, denn das fahrradfeaturende Musikvideo hat von Love & Fist, den Cool Kids of Steyr, Konkurrenz bekommen.

Poolinale Music Film Festival 2012: Nowhere Train

"Where are you going?" - "Nowhere."

Back in 2009, five musicians, a film maker and a writer went on a train journey through Austria and played concerts wherever they stopped by. (This is when the Westbahnhof wasn’t “modernized” yet and the Südbahnhof still existed!) The project was called Nowhere Train, and the plan was to film the journey, but other than that not to have too much of a plan. The world premiere of Eine Möglichkeit zu leben – Das Nowhere Train Tagebuch (Away To Live - The Nowhere Train Diary) will take place on April 18 at the Viennese music film festival Poolinale.

The film accompanies Stefan Deisenberger (Naked Lunch), Jakob Kubizek (Love&Fist, also the director of the documentary), Frenk Lebel, Stephan Stanzel (A Life, A Song, A Cigarette) and Ian Fisher, as well as their guests (Philipp Szalay, among others), on their train rides, their stops at farms, lakes, festivals, parks and bars, and their ups and downs.

Hosea Ratschiller, who wrote the tour diary on the FM4 website, is also the film’s narrator and provides pleasantly smart commentary about the possibility of a different life. Add the combination of music with the filming out of train windows and that’s all it takes for my wanderlust to reappear and make me want to immediately leave my daily routine behind and go somewhere pleasantly unknown myself. Preferably with other people who can play an instrument.

The second edition of the music film festival Poolinale will take place at various locations in Vienna from 18-22 April 2012. The festival program also includes Bon Iver, George Harrison, Sigur Rós, Tegan & Sara, The Swell Season, 4AD Sessions and Grandma Lo-Fi (an icon in Iceland) on the big screen, as well as the Likewise Haustour documentary. More information on

Love&Fist feat. Marilies Jagsch, Just Because

Nowhere Train, 2009. That was such a good idea.

Kreisky; Scheiße, Schauspieler

Shot in Vienna’s Stadtsaal, with a top-class cast including Ruth Brauer-Kvam, Hilde Dalik, Andreas Kiendl, Lilian Klebow, Michael Ostrowski, Alexander Pschill, Hosea Ratschiller, Sabrina Reiter, Manuel Rubey, Ursula Strauss & Kreisky.