Gin Ga - Remember Whatever

I love the fact that they use barrier tape as a guitar strap. And I choose to believe that, in true, Karaoke-fashion, mickey1789 has deliberately made that “then-than” mistake.

Molden/Resetarits/Soyka/Wirth - Rudschduam (from Ho Rugg, out January 30th 2014 via monkey.)

As a terrible Viennese person with terrible parents, I’ve only been to the Wurstelprater two, three times in my life. I assure you that that’s what my mother would’ve said though, had she taken me there more often. And I would not have listened.

Son Of The Velvet Rat - Captain’s Daughter, from Firedancer, out on 27 September on Monkey Music

Honestly? Whenever we get a promotional mail announcing a new Son Of The Velvet Rat album - and that happens more often than you’d think; the man must be a workaholic! - we don’t exactly jump around in our rooms of excitement. Country is just soooo not our thing and we usually give up halfway every time we try to listen to a whole album.

At least this time around, the first song on the album, Captain’s Daughter, is far less countryesque than what we had expected. That might have to do with the fact that Firedancer was not, like the preceding SOTVR albums, recorded in the USA but in Graz. Either way we like it.

The Who The What The Yeah - Neuseeland, from the upcoming twtwty album, out sometime in autumn

Do watch until the end, I personally think the last minute of the song is the most interesting and… groovy(?).

Julian & der Fux - Wie geht es? (Erstes Wiener Heimorgelorchester Cover)

Das EWHO hat letztens eine EP mit Bearbeitungen ihrer Songs von namhaften Akteuren aus DJ-Kreisen veröffentlicht, z.B. mit Ken Hayakawa oder eben diesem Cover von Julian & der Fux. Hört sich ganz anders an als die EWHO-Originale und ziemlich spannend.

Milk+ - Venus Breakdown, aus Band On Wire, VÖ 18.1.2013 via Monkey Music 

Das Genre Progressive Rock ist jetzt nicht gerade mein Spezialgebiet, daher hat mir Melaforint mit Clara Luzia den Einstieg ins Album Band On Wire erleichtert (aus dem auch Venus Breakdown entnommen ist): eine Ballade, bei der Milk+ einen Gang zurückschalten, während die gespenstisch-eisige Atmosphäre des Songs der Stimme von Clara Luzia ebenfalls überraschend gut steht.

Ansonsten ist es schwieriger (obwohl das Album mit der Zeit tatsächlich schon auch eingängig wird). Also es ist technisch einwandfrei, aber es besticht mich halt nicht. Unsere Gehörgänge sind leider mit den Spice Girls und Britney Spears aufgewachsen und also vielleicht ein bisschen zu verkümmert für alles, was nicht so leicht zugänglich ist.

Local Heroes O.S.T., out on 11 January 2013, like the movie

Judging from the trailer and other film snippets, this will be a movie with lots of dramatic scenes. Tuning a guitar or exiting the Chelsea has never before been such an act of excessive desperation and exaggeration! Questions to the movie I have from watching just the snippets include, Has anyone ever seen an actual wannabe rockstar wear eyeliner?, and, Who still wants a deal with a major label these days?

But a movie is not a documentary, and this post is about the soundtrack, so: It contains twelve songs by fictional (Yoko Love) and actual (Gudrun von Laxenburg, Mother’s Cake, Zuckerkinder) local bands. It is also another project of tausendsassa Hans Wagner (Neuschnee, Das trojanische Pferd, Hans im Glück). Wagner, the “music guide” of Local Heroes lent his voice to the main actor’s band Yoko Love, and if it wasn’t for the English lyrics you could almost think it’s new Neuschnee material.

TICKET GIVEAWAY: Ginga, Giantree, Milk+, Mother’s Cake

GINGA, GIANTREE, MILK+ und MOTHER’S CAKE werden nächste Woche ein Mini-Festival, präsentiert von Deezer, im Wiener WUK bespielen. Tickets dafür gibt es nicht zu kaufen.

Die gute Nachricht: Wir dürfen 10 von euch je 2 Plätze auf der Gästeliste schenken! Die ersten zehn, die uns eine Mail mit ihrem vollen(!) Namen an walzerkoenige(at)gmail(dot)com schicken oder in die Tumblr-Ask-Box schreiben (bitte nicht anonym, damit wir euch auch antworten können), gewinnen. Do it!



28.11.2012, WUK Wien

20 Uhr: MILK+
22.30 Uhr: GIN GA

ETA: Das Gewinnspiel ist beendet und die GewinnerInnen sind informiert. Viel Spaß!

Gin Ga - Dancer

If there is anything we love - besides boats, of course, and bread, and books, and other things that start with a B - it is choreographies. Choreographies are super. Especially if they contain fake slow motion. Bound to go viral!

Giantree - Cascade

Let’s paint our faces so that no one can see the pain.

Giantree celebrate bipolar disorder with lots of colours, lights and silhouettes in the music video for the fourth(?) single of their debut album We All Yell.

Milk+ - Venus Breakdown

A Clockwork Orange not only inspired Moloko’s choice of band name, but also Austria’s Milk+. Along with Nineteen Eighty-Four, Fahrenheit 451, Brave New World and the likes, Burgess’s book is one of the most well-known dystopian novels, a genre that dates back to (at least) godfather of science fiction H.G. Wells. So if you’re calling your band after one of these novels, that is pretty much a statement about your opinion of the human species and where it is headed.

The band have recently released the free download EP Venus Breakdown as an appetizer for their second full length album Band On Wire, which will be out in early 2013. Apart from a duet with Clara Luzia (a ballad called Melaforint), the other three songs on the EP are very energetic rock. A member of The Mars Volta was involved in this. Voicewise, the chorus of Venus Breakdown reminded me of Billy Talent, but of course we’re not dealing with melodic punk here. (This is not meant to be an insult, I really liked Billy Talent anno Try Honesty.) 

Download the EP via the Milk+ Bandcamp.

The Bandaloop - Love Pulls

Portishead meets Ultravox/Robyn-style 4AM dancefloor melancholia.

MILK+ feat. Clara Luzia - Melaforint

Dancer - Ginga

Dancer is being hailed as the highlight from Ginga’s upcoming Nights EP but hm. hm hm hm. This was so much stronger in concert. Hm. I’m going to listen to the whole thing to form a proper opinion. 

Summer nights - Mika Vember

Mika Vember is the only Austrian musician (that isn’t a Schlager artist or casting show graduate or someone else I have never heard of except for HMBC) that made it into the top 200 of the Austrian airplay charts last year.