Love & Fist - My Hometown
4 GIFs and a sentence per music video

Simple yet brilliant music video that features Love & Fist revisiting childhood places and channeling their inner teenagers; on an unrelated note, that first GIF shows one of the very first dance moves I ever learned in my jazzdance class in school.

Love & Fist - My Hometown

Spike Jonze und Arcade Fire sollten sich warm anziehen, denn das fahrradfeaturende Musikvideo hat von Love & Fist, den Cool Kids of Steyr, Konkurrenz bekommen.

Love & Fist - My Hometown, from Last Days In Country (EP), out on 7 December on Seayou Records

Love & Fist make the rare breed of country music that does not make me want to skip tracks immediately, because it is the endorphine-releasing kind that uses lots of travelling metaphors, but only very few cowboy boots and an endurable amount of banjo.

Love & Fist are also a part of Nowhere Train, a project with a very similar concept. But instead of going nowhere, the two men with the black rimmed glasses and dapper suits return to their hometowns on this EP, a precursor to a new album due in 2013.

I came for your smell, your youth, your beauty, for salvation