Hooligan der Herzen ft. Oliver Welter (Naked Lunch) / Neigungsgruppe Sex, Gewalt & gute Laune / Wellen der Angst

Neigungsgruppe Sex, Gewalt und Gute Laune - Hooligan der Herzen ft. Oliver Welter (Naked Lunch cover)

Ich habe sowohl dieses Lied als auch das Original schon dutzende Male gehört und ich WEISS, dass ich nicht recht habe, aber trotzdem: Jedes Mal wenn die Zeile "Wir ham uns gestern gestern fruah erst truffn" kommt und dann als nächstes "wir ham so vü gemeinsam", denk ich mir, Nein, nein, nein, so geht das nicht, das müsste "wir ham so vü gesoffen" heißen! Jedes Mal.

Weil was sich reimt ist gut und Alkohol in einem Neigungsgruppe-Lied wär ja auch nix Neues.

Naked Lunch - At The Lovecourt

There are remarkably many shots of bums and remarkably few couples making out for a concert. There are close-ups of concert photographers and people who play in other bands that are amazing.

And for the first time, I am sort of relieved I couldn’t go; I have the suspicion that my concert face is the worst and I certainly don’t want anyone to capture it.

Naked Lunch - The Sun (video no. 3)

Naked Lunch, I love you but three music videos for one song is a bit much, eh? However: choreography.

The track is now a free download via the Tapete Records Soundcloud.

Naked Lunch bei Willkommen Österreich, 5. Februar 2013

"Die Aktion findet nicht wahrhaft statt, sondern man imitiert sie." Somewhere between a rock & roll lifestyle and suicidal apathy, Naked Lunch have recently released the sort of album that has the ability to make hearts jump. At least until the new Francis International Airport record comes out, it is definitely my favourite album of 2013, and after their appearance on Willkommen Österreich I think I am entirely in love with this band.

Every Sucker Needs A Home / Naked Lunch /


Naked Lunch - Every Sucker Needs A Home

To celebrate the re-release of their 2007 album This Atom Heart Of Ours, Naked Lunch are giving away a previously unreleased song that didn’t make it onto this album for free via Soundcloud.

But seriously, I don’t even have time to listen to that song because their new album All Is Fever mesmerizes me, previously not a Naked Lunch fan, so much.

Naked Lunch - The Sun, from All Is Fever, out on 1 February 2013 on Tapete Records

Strangely, the beginning of the new Naked Lunch single reminds me of ABBA’s The Winner Takes It All. (Is this everything I will say about it? Yes. Naked Lunch did two days of press in the very great Café Jelinek prior to the album release so lots of sophisticated articles have and will appear. So it’s OK, you can get your intellectual fix elsewhere.)

ETA: Listen to the whole album here

Tumble down - Naked Lunch

This is the kind of song that is perfect to listen to in landscapes that make a bleak and depressing first impression. Quite fittingly, it is from the album “Amerika”, the music to a theatre production of the unfinished Kafka novel of the same title.

Poolinale Music Film Festival 2012: Nowhere Train

"Where are you going?" - "Nowhere."

Back in 2009, five musicians, a film maker and a writer went on a train journey through Austria and played concerts wherever they stopped by. (This is when the Westbahnhof wasn’t “modernized” yet and the Südbahnhof still existed!) The project was called Nowhere Train, and the plan was to film the journey, but other than that not to have too much of a plan. The world premiere of Eine Möglichkeit zu leben – Das Nowhere Train Tagebuch (Away To Live - The Nowhere Train Diary) will take place on April 18 at the Viennese music film festival Poolinale.

The film accompanies Stefan Deisenberger (Naked Lunch), Jakob Kubizek (Love&Fist, also the director of the documentary), Frenk Lebel, Stephan Stanzel (A Life, A Song, A Cigarette) and Ian Fisher, as well as their guests (Philipp Szalay, among others), on their train rides, their stops at farms, lakes, festivals, parks and bars, and their ups and downs.

Hosea Ratschiller, who wrote the tour diary on the FM4 website, is also the film’s narrator and provides pleasantly smart commentary about the possibility of a different life. Add the combination of music with the filming out of train windows and that’s all it takes for my wanderlust to reappear and make me want to immediately leave my daily routine behind and go somewhere pleasantly unknown myself. Preferably with other people who can play an instrument.

The second edition of the music film festival Poolinale will take place at various locations in Vienna from 18-22 April 2012. The festival program also includes Bon Iver, George Harrison, Sigur Rós, Tegan & Sara, The Swell Season, 4AD Sessions and Grandma Lo-Fi (an icon in Iceland) on the big screen, as well as the Likewise Haustour documentary. More information on poolinale.at.

Colours / Naked Lunch / This Atom Heart Of Ours

Naked Lunch, Colours

God - Naked Lunch

Nowhere Train, 2009. That was such a good idea.

Naked Lunch, Military Of The Heart

Fuzzman, Love & Laugh

Naked Lunch melden sich mit dem “von Regisseur Bernd Liepold-Mosser inszenierten und auf Franz Kafkas Romanfragment ‘Amerika’ basierenden gleichnamigen Theaterstück (u.a. Mit Robert Stadlober in der Hauptrolle), für welches sich die Musik beisteuern” zurück.