Neuschnee - Bodenlos

Snow. What a welcome refreshment.

Hans im Glück - Extra

Grashalm für Großstadtcowboys, Zigarettenersatz für Süßigkeitenliebhaber: der Hans-im-Glück-Lolli.

Local Heroes O.S.T., out on 11 January 2013, like the movie

Judging from the trailer and other film snippets, this will be a movie with lots of dramatic scenes. Tuning a guitar or exiting the Chelsea has never before been such an act of excessive desperation and exaggeration! Questions to the movie I have from watching just the snippets include, Has anyone ever seen an actual wannabe rockstar wear eyeliner?, and, Who still wants a deal with a major label these days?

But a movie is not a documentary, and this post is about the soundtrack, so: It contains twelve songs by fictional (Yoko Love) and actual (Gudrun von Laxenburg, Mother’s Cake, Zuckerkinder) local bands. It is also another project of tausendsassa Hans Wagner (Neuschnee, Das trojanische Pferd, Hans im Glück). Wagner, the “music guide” of Local Heroes lent his voice to the main actor’s band Yoko Love, and if it wasn’t for the English lyrics you could almost think it’s new Neuschnee material.

Wegweiser / Neuschnee / Wegweiser


Neuschnee: Wegweiser

Kulturmontag interviewed Neuschnee’s Hans Wagner about the new album Bipolar (out on Problembär). They put a lot of emphasis on how everyone’s classically trained, but oh my, it’s public broadcast. Available for a few more days on the ORF TVthek

Karneval - Neuschnee

A new Neuschnee video and exciting news about a new split EPs with Das Trojanische Pferd via Problembär Records.

They Shoot Music: An Open House Session with Neuschnee

Neuschnee redefine, or broaden, the meaning of the word Schlampe in an effort to promote their new album, which will be released am ölften ölften ölf, Alter.

Neuschnee feat. Parkwächter Harlekin, Sag mir nicht

Zufriedenheit - Neuschnee