Four Tet live (c) Tomislav Moze/Red Bull Content Pool

Juhu! Wir verlosen wieder mal was, nämlich

1x2 Tickets für den Eröffnungsabend des Red Bull Music Academy Bass Camp am 15. November 2013 mit JACQUES GREENE, LEGOWELT, MOTSA, SALUTE, NVIE MOTHO, APLOT und VIHANNA in der Pratersauna

Schreibt uns bis Mittwoch, 13. November, 10h ein Mail mit eurem vollen Namen an walzerkoenige(at) Viel Glück!

Gerard - Alles Jetzt, from Blausicht, out on 20 September on Heart Working Class

Enough with all the teasing and announcing, I can’t take it anymore! It will be such a relief when this album is finally out next Friday after months (no, years!) of fueling the hype machine and letting the demand and expectations for it grow. 

Alles Jetzt is the perfect track to use as a final forerunner of what is to be expected. Gerard’s motivation and motives, as well as his current position become, if they weren’t already, crystal clear and more than relatable. It gives me second hand giddiness and tingly fingers.

Nicht mehr da, wo ich gern wär, sondern da, wo ich bin
Das ist alles echt, alles so nah, dass es nicht näher geht
Zum ersten Mal davor anstatt daneben stehen

S O H N - The Wheel (Nvie Motho Remix)

Both S O H N and Nvie Motho happen to live in Vienna, but until recently they had nothing to do with each other: S O H N used to be Trouble Over Tokyo and was rooted in the Austrian indie community, while Nvie Motho is best known for producing Gerard’s Lissabon, a cutting edge hip hop track. These are people from very different scenes who yet somehow belong to the same fashionable movement of combining electronic with r&b elements. 

[This is what FM4 should be playing on heavy rotation. Internationally (or should I say internetionally? </badpun>), S O H N and Gerard are the ”homegrown” off-mainstream acts that get the most attention at the moment, yet they are being ignored (zero plays of either) by the one institution that should care about them: Austria’s “alternative and avantgarde” radio station. Oblivion to new developments is not going to help against the fading relevance of radio. Just saying.]

[ETA: I am sorry for the perceived FM4 bashing. At least in the case of S O H N, it is not the radio station’s fault but rather due to circumstances or a viral marketing strategy or whatever.]

Lissabon / Gerard / Blausicht


Gerard - Lissabon

Gerade ewig lang im Loopmodus gehört und viel mit dem Kopf genickt. Ziemlich fett. Get this! Kostenloser Download via