Parkwächter Harlekin - Getarnte Mauern

I find this video a bit boring (forest, four panels, pixels, blah) but the phrase “minutiös geplantes Trauern”, which is just one half line from the very clever refrain, more than makes up for it.

Parkwächter Harlekin - Wolkenvorhang

Der frühe Vogel würde nicht so schreien,
hätte er wirklich einen Wurm im Schnabel

Parkwächter Harlekin - In der Stadt

To be honest, I was a bit afraid of watching this video. Because I’m a grown-up now and I know that the circus is not a magical place. I know that it is not a nice place for humans and animals and “running away to join the circus” will probably lead to a life of poverty and hard work (or, even more likely, being turned in to the authorities). I know all of that but I like to pretend I don’t, and so I was a bit afraid of having illusions shattered, yet again, by this video.

It doesn’t shatter illusions though. Instead, the images from a storage room filled with circus… stuff, are a great juxtaposition to the lyrics that are also about things from the past (apologies to those of you still going to circuses) that seem glorious but aren’t.

Lohnend - Parkwächter Harlekin

Das zweite Lied auf Parkwächter Harlekins erstem Album “Liebe” ist ein wunderbar verspielter Track mit einer Spätlese-Referenz was besonders eine der Walzerköniginnen sehr erfreut.

Problembär Records is five and celebrates this on everybody’s new favourite going-out-day, Tuesday, at the rhiz in Vienna. With concerts by Kidcat Lo-fi, Parkwächter Harlekin, Fred Schreiber, D. Cooper and Der Nino aus Wien and Die Sendung ohne Namen. More info here.

For this event, label boss Stefan Redelsteiner even got fit under the guidance of future trainer of the Albanian nation chess team.

Exil / Parkwächter Harlekin /


Parkwächter Harlekin: Exil (free download)

Neuschnee feat. Parkwächter Harlekin, Sag mir nicht

Here’s a contribution from Parkwächter Harlekin to the media hype around Amy Winehouse’s death.

Laokoongruppe feat. Parkwächter Harlekin, Die bessere Melodie