Crack Ignaz - Herbert Prohaska (Wandl Remix)

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is how all Skype calls should go.

Sam Smith - Money On My Mind (Salute Remix)

"I don’t have money on my mind, I do it for the love." Yeah, right, Sam Smith, maybe, just maybe, you really do, but how pretentious is it to brag about that, dude?

HVOB - Lion (Wolfram Remix)

This video is so cheeky and psychedelic it almost makes me want to be on mushrooms

Catastrophe & Cure - Quite Alright (Neorama Remix) / Rückblick 2013

C&C look back on a very eventful 2013 with a video full of impressions from various shows and life on tour (accompanied by a great remix), and we are proud to have contributed about two seconds of wobbly footage for it (from our interview with them this summer).

Bilderbuch - Maschin (Maneuvre Remix)

Maneuvre, the artist formerly known as Disco Demons, has a ship as his profile picture, so he already won us over before we ever heard any of his work. Turns out it sounds like a more hau drauf version of HVOB.

Torgny - Nights (Sprutbass Remix)

I’m posting this mainly for the cover artwork.

Because when I was younger and much more innocent, I used to have friends with whom I would get high and then go binge eating at an all-you-can-eat sushi place near Naschmarkt, and once, on our way home, we passed a Hofer billboard which featured a huge, sliced-in-half strawberry and I was the only one not giggling.

Ever since then, I have never missed a single vagina allusion.

Country of origin: Norway

Disclosure - Help Me Lose My Mind (feat. London Grammar) (SOHN Remix)

What a combination!

The Golden Rabbit - Farewell Tomorrow (Roquestar Remix)

As much as I like The Golden Rabbit, and like them even more for being Burgenlandish and thus bringing some life to a nearly dead or slightly embarrassing young scene down there, their electro indie comes close to the short-lived Nu Rave anno 2007 too often to be entirely appealing to my tastes. Roquestar’s remix gives them a more timeless wrapping.

Crack Ignaz - Herc (Lex Lugner Rmx)

Locally (Salzburg) sourced Cloud Rap. Complete with wobbly images, filters and MDMA-references.

Fijuka - Behave (From Now On) (Cpt. Yossarian Remix)

LaBrassBanda (and occasional Fijuka live) drummer Manuel Da Coll alias Toni Mono remixed the band’s Behave (From Now On).

Fijuka @ Waves Vienna: Thursday, 3 October

Bilderbuch - Plansch (Möwe Remix)

Am I getting old? Möwe have 6.000 Facebook fans and up until this day, I’d never heard of them. I know, I know, Facebook fans aren’t a reliable metric. But it seems the Pratersauna / open air techno hedonist crowds are now where the masses, the money and the zeitgeist are. 

Much like HVOB (who used to be an indie band called Herbstrock), Möwe (who used to be an indie band called Mary Lost Her Pathos) have found a new musical home in an electronic surrounding. Though their booking agency Titan is much less cool than HVOB’s Four Artists and Primary Talent. However, this remix is pretty solid, and soulful.

Also PLEASE look at this remade Plansch video by two kids and the awesome sisters of one of these kids, a.k.a. Chicago’s biggest Bilderbuch fans.

Mikky Ekko - Kids (Cid Rim Remix)

Mikky Ekko - it’s that one guy that Rihanna featured on one of her latest singles. He happens to be signed to the label that I am working at at the moment, and thus I have been following his soulful pop around not only for private, but also for business-related reasons. Imagine how thrilled I was when I found out that Cid Rim, one of the most renowned local electronic musicians, remixed his latest single “Kids”. It’s such a perfect combination.

Cid Rim (live) @ Waves Vienna: Friday, 4 October


Mieux - Neufant Remixes comin soon! here is what sekuoia did to our pearl track. awesomeness!

Mieux - Pearl (Sekuoia Remix)

Much like Modeselektor + Apparat = Moderat, Minor Sick + Feux = Mieux. After their Neufant EP, they’re about to release remixes, and this one is the first appetizer.

Austra - Home (Space Echo Trip Extended)

Sweet. caTekk’s and Lee Stevens’ new project Space Echo kicks off with an Austra remix. Free download via Soundcloud.

I-Wolf & The Chainreactions - Exploitation Blues (Burnin Tears Remix)

More loungy than the original, this is a free download via the Seayou Soundcloud.