S O H N - Veto, Tempest, Artifice, Wheel (live on KEXP Seattle)

In case you didn’t already know that S O H N was “happening”… S O H N is happening all over the world. Here is their set on KEXP, who never disappoint.

SOHN - Tempest (Unplugged at Casino Baumgarten, Vienna)

Look, I am trying to be less gossipy, so I will not talk about a certain pair of ridiculous leather pants here; instead, I’m just going to admire the cinematography around the 1:37 mark and the still breathtaking voice of multi-talent SOHN, who is also working as a songwriter and producer around the world with A-listers and buzz acts.

SOHN will be on tour in Europe and the US from April until June with stops in Salzburg (4 April, Rockhouse), Dornbirn (5 April, Conrad Sohm) and Vienna (23 April, Arena).

Two crappy cellphone pictures of VELOJET and SOHN at Ahoi! Pop Festival, Posthof Linz, 1 November 2013

Roadtrips are generally great, but the Ink Music related ones are even better. This one had basil shots (possibly the best drink ever?), a lovely ride in the Inkmobil, so many Vienna resident Upper Austrians that it almost felt like home and four bands in one evening.

This is to show you that a) the Posthof was packed already for the opening act Velojet, and they really deserve such audience sizes, and it should always be like this - and that b) SOHN was also there and while he bored some, he mesmerized most others and I’m not entirely sure. I love it on record but can’t seem to find the patience for the live shows.

SOHN - Lessons

Running will get you blisters. Running might help you getting over something. Still, at some point you will be facing some disappointments of life in a cafe. There is also running alongside an industrial riverside. This video reflects everything this song is about. It is very powerful, but makes me feel kind of sad.

SOHN - Lessons

Holy Christ, if you happen to know a little bit about the development of SOHN, you can’t help but see a reference to his previous career in this track. (ETA: The lyrics of Lessons are about a person and not his career, it turns out. I take back the assumption.)

That SOHN draws some of his lyrical inspiration from ending it and starting anew became apparent already in The WheelI died a week ago / There’s nothing left / It’s caught on video. Hmmmm, that song must have been written mid-August, 2012.

SOHN - Bloodflows

OK, this is really the last video with forest content I will ever post. I’ve had enough. Come up with new locations, people.

Rhye - Open (SOHN Remix)



SOHN - Bloodflows

Here’s another beautiful track by SOHN.  “Bloodflows” is a tender synth pop track with vocals so gentle and seductive that you hope that the person he’s singing about comes back and loves him right.


Laura Mvula - Green Garden (S O H N Remix)

London-born, Vienna-based producer S O H Nshares his latest masterpiece - a remix of Laura Mvula’s “Green Gardem.” Mvula’s soulful vocals now sit atop a gentle head nodding beat, some well-placed handclaps, and an unexpected interlude. Stream it above.

Dummy Mag interviewed S O H N in snowy Vienna

S O H N - The Wheel (Nvie Motho Remix)

Both S O H N and Nvie Motho happen to live in Vienna, but until recently they had nothing to do with each other: S O H N used to be Trouble Over Tokyo and was rooted in the Austrian indie community, while Nvie Motho is best known for producing Gerard’s Lissabon, a cutting edge hip hop track. These are people from very different scenes who yet somehow belong to the same fashionable movement of combining electronic with r&b elements. 

[This is what FM4 should be playing on heavy rotation. Internationally (or should I say internetionally? </badpun>), S O H N and Gerard are the ”homegrown” off-mainstream acts that get the most attention at the moment, yet they are being ignored (zero plays of either) by the one institution that should care about them: Austria’s “alternative and avantgarde” radio station. Oblivion to new developments is not going to help against the fading relevance of radio. Just saying.]

[ETA: I am sorry for the perceived FM4 bashing. At least in the case of S O H N, it is not the radio station’s fault but rather due to circumstances or a viral marketing strategy or whatever.]


Video: S O H N - The Wheel

Debüt-Single vom Allerlieblingswahlwiener, jetzt mit schneidigem Video dazu.

Double recommendation: Go listen to S O H N a.k.a. the new alias of Toph Taylor, and go follow Tori’s Nest for all things electronica/r&b here on Tumblr.

S O H N - The Wheel

What used to be Trouble Over Tokyo is now S O H N. Already big on the music blogs. No need to reinvent the wheel but sometimes a name change can kickstart a career, apparently?