Loopee - State of Mind

Loopee, the newest Seayou signing, is from the UK and will release an EP later this fall. He makes music that makes hanging up laundry feel more exciting that it is.

I-Wolf & the Chainreactions - Blazing Fires

We told you that amusement parks were a thing.

The Pharmacy - Dig Your Grave

The Pharmacy have recently ended their European tour and I hope you have enjoyed it. I haven’t. Their travel plans and my travel plans were unfortunately completely incompatible and I was very angry about it. How dare a band not check if their tour conflicts with my schedule? How. Dare. They.

Then I listened to the entirety of Stoned & Alone and was fine again.

Country of Origin: USA

Squalloscope - Three minutes for a detuned diorama 

"One mississippi, two mississippi, three mississippis closer to death” is my favourite Squalloscope line, and fittingly, the accompanying video shows people creating art surrounding people they knew that died. It’s beautiful. I, too, put sugar on everything.

Fijuka live at 12 minutes live (OKTO TV)

Remember last summer when we were all in love with Fijuka and admired them for wearing those leggings in these temperatures and also because their music is amazing? Well, not much has changed. Where I am, right now, the temperatures are manageable but the leggings are still glamorous, the basslines are still super cool and the synth is still spectacular.

Monsterheart - Bunnies, from W, out this Friday on Seayou

Life must be fun as a rabbit in the quirky Monsterheart world.

Thieves Like Us - Sutphin Boulevard (Blood Orange Cover)

As a first appetizer for the new Thieves Like Us album due in autumn/winter on Seayou, the band decided to cover a Blood Orange track, which is a project of half god Dev Hynes.

When I say half god, that is no exaggeration. Not only is he besties with Beyoncé’s little sister Solange, but he was also the guy behind both Lightspeed Champion and Test Icicles.

Free download here.

Monsterheart - Oh Death, from W, out this spring on Seayou Records

We live in the capital of morbidity, so it’s not unusual to come across artists and thinkers dealing with death, but everytime I do, I land in a thought spiral of my own about how 〜life is just so absurd and doesn’t make any sense at all and how each individual life is completely irrelevant in the big picture, and this somehow always leads to the relieving conclusion that I can basically do whatever I want with the one I have.

My philosophy in a nutshell, triggered by a pop song (how apt).


sorry i’ve been missing in action over here. lots of stuff happening on my music site for Squalloscope, though.
like this video that i made last week. location shots from point cabrillo and mendocino county, California, where i spent some time over new year’s.

Squalloscope - Desert Pacific Octopi

I continue to not be a particularly big fan of Squalloscope’s Desert EP, but you gotta admire this renaissance woman in complete control of her artistic self.

Monsterheart - Waves, from the upcoming album W

"My heart belongs to the sea." Yes. Yesyesyesyes.

A Thousand Fuegos - Naenie

Sometimes there’s a quality to ATF songs that reminds me of Casiotone for the Painfully Alone. It’s not so much the instrumentation, it’s more that very gentle, very warm sadness the songs convey.


we proudly present you the video to our new single VANITY.

UMA - Vanity, from the UMA debut album, out sometime next year on Seayou Records

Ah well, a melancholic black and white bokeh-heavy video with beautiful people, that makes sense. It’s not the most groundbreaking idea, but it works very well with the UMA sound.

Ian Fisher & The Present feat. Phia - Regret

Only skin, only skin you are to me
Waiting for it to turn into something 

This folky stuff just doesn’t stand a chance with us at the moment, but some things are more beautiful than others and on a relative scale, this song is very beautiful.

Actually… If it weren’t for the banjo part in the middle, this would be absolutely great. If Ian Fisher relocated even further north to some place with lots of water and cold winters, he would probably make the most beautiful sad Scandinavian music.

Squalloscope - Three Minutes For A Detuned Diorama, from the Desert EP, out now on Seayou Records

Saying “Boys will be boys” is just a lame excuse to raise idiots, states Squalloscope and I agree entirely, albeit tiredly. I don’t know if it is because being a feminist in the entertainment industry in Western Europe is so exhausting I don’t even want to know how hard it is elsewhere, or because by the time these lyrics come up, it’s the fifth song on this EP and I’m a sucker for catchy hooks of which it doesn’t have many.

Therefore I suggest you listen to the EP’s first track, Three Minutes For A Detuned Diorama, instead, which features a detuned piano or dissonances or both (really not an expert), which sounds surprisingly great.

Japanther & Cheeky Blakk - Donut Shop Bounce

If you’re like me and you have little to no knowledge about hip hop and are therefore wondering what the New Orleans hip hop style “Bounce” is, that Japanther were talking about in our recent interview with them: It is this. And it is pretty awesome. Listen to it. Download it. Put it on at your next party. Dance.