Skero - Gfrei Di

Growing up in Vienna, one is usally a bit grumpy - it lies in the naturel of the people in this area. So it seems a bit hard for me just to follow the slogan of the song, just to be happy. On the otherhand playing Cowboy and Indian in a marvolous park and throwing pineapples into Skeros face might do the trick.

Der Nino aus Wien feat. Skero - Abtauen Girl
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Viereinhalb Minuten Swing And Roll (Dreieinhalb Minuten Rock’n’Roll / Fred Schreiber Cover)

Fred Schreiber is not only a musician (Fred Schreiber, Die Falschen Freunde) but also happens to be one of the makers of the Sendung ohne Namen. A whole lot of representatives of the local music scene gathered some time ago to record a version of one of Schreiber’s songs for the ORF show, including Gustav, The Beth Edges, Skero, Mauracher, pauT, Fuzzman, Der Nino aus Wien, Discoparty Brothers, Das trojanische Pferd, Kreisky, Heinz aus Wien, Attwenger, Christoph & Lollo, Kidcat Lo-Fi, Luise Pop, Garish, Florian Horwath, A Life, A Song, A Cigarette, Curbs, I-Wolf and Fred Schreiber himself.

Texta - You’re Driving Me Wild

I sog da was los is, bin scho länger im Showbiz
und Texte wie deine schreib i wann i am Klo sitz

Wann des so is bist du weder Profi no a Genie
denn so lang wie du am Häusl sitzt wirds a Enzyklopädie

Ganz egal wie, ihr warts beide scho besser
weil in unserer Partie, da bin i da Professor

Aso, jetzt bist was bessers? Studentenrapper
wegen dir sinkt die Street Credibility von Texta

Texta @ Popfest Wien: Friday, July 27th, 9.30 PM, Seebühne

Du Oasch - Der Nino aus Wien ft. Skero (Popfest 2010)

Fuss vom Gas - Skero ft. Kamp

The most important thing about this song is the Preluders reference.

of Skero, Black Shampoo, Cafe Olga Sanchez, Violetta Parisini and Ja, Panik.