How Dare You? / Steaming Satellites / The Mustache Mozart Affaire


Song from the most epic scene of the movie.

Steaming Satellites - How Dare You?

As featured in Andreas Prochaska’s “Alpenwestern” Das finstere Tal.

Steaming Satellites - How Dare You / Karlsplatz Session

The Popfest Wien is back for another year and so are the accompanying They Shoot Music Sessions, this one with the opening act Steaming Satellites.

Curated by Patrick Pulsinger (the previous years have been curated by Robert Rotifer), the line-up of this year’s edition of the generally awesome free city festival showcasing the musical talent Vienna and its surroundings have to offer includes electronic and hip hop acts more prominently while still satisfying every indie fan’s needs:

Steaming Satellites, Fijuka, Zanshin, Francis International Airport, Giantree, Catastrophe & Cure, A.G.Trio, Gerard, Brenk Sinatra, Sex Jams, Soia, Velojet, Gin Ga, Koenigleopold, Ghost Capsules, Dawa, Ash My Love and many more.

Steaming Satellites @ Popfest 2013: Thursday, 25 July, 6.30 PM, Seebühne

Steaming Satellites - Another Try, from Slipstream, out on 15 February 2013

Austria’s very own arena rockers in the making Steaming Satellites will release a new album, and this is an acoustic version of one of the songs on it.

Steaming Satellites - How Dare You (Cardinal Sessions)

This is not only soundwise but also visually extremely pleasing.

Steaming Satellites Interview & radio set

Steaming Satellites: The Sea

Steaming Satellites, Witches

Witches / Steaming Satellites / The Mustache Mozart Affaire


Steaming Satellites, Witches. From “The Mustache Mozart Affaire”

Waves On Demand / Steaming Satellites /


Steaming Satellites, Waves On Demand

Steaming Satellites, Spaceships. bionictom requested we post this, and how could we turn down a request for a band with a love for alliterations and outer space? The band from Salzburg are going to release their album on 20/05.