S O H N - The Wheel (Nvie Motho Remix)

Both S O H N and Nvie Motho happen to live in Vienna, but until recently they had nothing to do with each other: S O H N used to be Trouble Over Tokyo and was rooted in the Austrian indie community, while Nvie Motho is best known for producing Gerard’s Lissabon, a cutting edge hip hop track. These are people from very different scenes who yet somehow belong to the same fashionable movement of combining electronic with r&b elements. 

[This is what FM4 should be playing on heavy rotation. Internationally (or should I say internetionally? </badpun>), S O H N and Gerard are the ”homegrown” off-mainstream acts that get the most attention at the moment, yet they are being ignored (zero plays of either) by the one institution that should care about them: Austria’s “alternative and avantgarde” radio station. Oblivion to new developments is not going to help against the fading relevance of radio. Just saying.]

[ETA: I am sorry for the perceived FM4 bashing. At least in the case of S O H N, it is not the radio station’s fault but rather due to circumstances or a viral marketing strategy or whatever.]


Video: S O H N - The Wheel

Debüt-Single vom Allerlieblingswahlwiener, jetzt mit schneidigem Video dazu.

Double recommendation: Go listen to S O H N a.k.a. the new alias of Toph Taylor, and go follow Tori’s Nest for all things electronica/r&b here on Tumblr.

S O H N - The Wheel

What used to be Trouble Over Tokyo is now S O H N. Already big on the music blogs. No need to reinvent the wheel but sometimes a name change can kickstart a career, apparently?