Left Boy - Black Dress

Yeahyeah, what else, this track is about a girl Left Boy takes home and blah blah work that body etc. etc. It’s so groundbreakingly original, I’m about as impressed as the crowd at the end of the music video.

Also, I’m not sure what the point of the whole babymaking thing in the video is, usually when I sleep with someone new it is not my intention to get pregnant immediately.

Ösi Bua & Lukas Plöchl - Ondas Nice

Ösi Bua, the only Austrian act the smallest major label Warner Music has signed, and Trackshittaz’ Lukas Plöchl, signed to Sony Music, have a few things in common. They successfully mix international dancefloor music with elements considered typically Austrian, but they also have a so-called migration background. And that’s the theme of this song. “I friss a Schnitzi und du öfters Reis" - If this song doesn’t end racism I don’t know what will. (Seriously.)